H2Oi in Video – Years Past


As H2Oi fast approaches, we wanted to take a minute to revisit our favorite videos from the past years of this awesome event. We feel that these videos capture what the laid back weekend is all about: the cars. While in recent years the event has taken some questionable turns, we feel that there is still a lot worth seeing and saving. We have chosen to focus our attention not on the late night partying and rowdy behavior, but more on the awesome cars and community that comes together once a year in OC to swap and show off new ideas and old goodies. Remember this is a show about the best the euro scene has to offer on the east coast. Lets keep it that way, please be respectful to our hosts, the city of OC and its law enforcement. While we are all about having a good time, it shouldn’t be at the expense of our beloved scene or our gracious hosts! Enjoy!

Videos produced by Bsaint Media, all rights reserved.


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