Cleanaudi.com was officially established in 2012, however the idea behind the site was born a few years earlier, in 2010. As Audi enthusiasts and car people in general, our group wanted to see what our fellow community members were doing. We all loved reading the glossy pages of magazines such as Eurotuner and European car, but as time progressed we wanted to see more. We wanted to see the simple guys with small budgets as well as the big builds. More than anything, we wanted to have a collection of rich media that was purely about the modification of Audis. It’s from these motivations, which Cleanaudi.com originated. Our site focuses on gathering and creating easily accessible collections of pictures and other media for enthusiasts like yourself. We envisioned the site as a place to visit while looking for new ideas and information. We want Cleanaudi to be an easy read, as our editor puts it: “I really was looking for a place to browse through media about Audi, while on the can.” We are here simply to give you a good read, wherever you may be and we hope you enjoy our work as much as we do!

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