Wiley Coffin’s B5 S4 Avant


Wiley Coffin’s B5 S4 Avant

WRC S4 Shoot (10)

I had done a great job of leaving the sedan alone for the most part.  Although I loved that car it didn’t quite have the soul of the Avant.

Some of our regular readers may notice that this is Wiley’s second time around on our site, and for good reason. A while ago we featured his fantastic 4kqt track car, however he also owns one of the cleanest S4 avants we have seen. Project SNO-WGN, aptly named for its all-round winter and other daily duties is Mr. Coffin’s daily. The car is a Brilliant Black 2001.5 S4 avant with a black napa leather on blue alcantara interior with, of course, a manual six speed gearbox. For those of our reader base that may not be familiar with how rare this combo is, it suffices to say that it’s a damn unicorn. We had the absolute pleasure of riding around in the Sno-wgn during the photoshoot and the experience was phenomenal. Wiley, being who he is, couldn’t leave the avant alone and the result is a stage three monster that also gets the groceries. More on that later, but first some back story.

Like a few too many good car stories, Wiley’s wagon starts with a loss. His previous daily was a minty fresh Nogaro Blue S4, which he claims to have left alone for the most part. During a particularly crappy winter season Wiley was returning home on a local highway when another driver lost control and spun off the road. He managed to avoid the initial accident, however in a panic, the other driver reversed as hard as they could into his S4, totaling it. Wiley found himself looking for a suitable replacement when a black avant popped up for sale. He bought the wagon and to use his words, “it was decent but needed a bit of love to get it to my standard.” And so it began, Wiley’s discontent with having to replace his Nogaro was quickly replaced with a new found love for his Avant. (You have to own one to understand.) He couldn’t leave the car alone, and before the stock turbos had even gone bad, he had already dropped the car and replaced the headlights, front grill and a few other personal touches. Wiley also swapped over his DTM RS4 wheels to complete the look. Then he popped the KO3s. One thing led to another and before he knew it, Wiley found himself replacing, upgrading and refinishing parts on the car till his standards were met. Somewhere along the way, a set of KO4s found their way into the engine, along with RS4 inlets, ER sidemount intercoolers, a set Vast Catless down pipes and a slew of goodies from 034 Motorsports. Now that the engine was up to spec, all the other areas of the car seemed to be lacking. This was quickly rectified with a drive train, brakes and suspension upgrade as well. In fact the mod list is so long, that we felt it more appropriate to list them below for your convenience.

If Wiley’s 4kqt was any indication, we can’t be surprised at the direction his daily driver took. His attention to detail is as driven as it is thorough, and the results speak for themselves on both accounts. Wiley’s S4 is a testament to his meticulous nature and his get it right the first time attitude. As long as he is in the Audi family, we can count on seeing at least one extremely clean B5 rolling around the states. To put it in his words; “I love my Avant, but it is such a different animal than the 4kqt.  While the Avant has smooth (I like to say sneaky) power the 4kqt is brutal throw you back into the seat power. The slight lack in handling and smoother power delivery make it the ultimate do most anything car, from groceries, to taking my wife out for dinner, blasting up to the mountains, and a little track time too.”

WRC S4 Shoot (38)

– Stock 2.7 Biturbo Long Block
– K04 turbos
– RS4 Inlets
– 034 85mm MAF Housing and Hose
– Bosch 52lbs EV14 injectors
– 034 91 oct Stage 3 ots Tune
– ER Sidemount Intercoolers
– Vast Catless 3″ Downpipes
– Neuspeed Stealth Catback Exhaust
– 034 2.0t Coil Conversion
– 034 Silicone TB Boot
– 034 Silicone Lobster Boots
– 034 Silicone Intercooler Hoses
– AEM Dry Filter
– Darin Intake Mod

– KW V2 Coilovers
– 034 Upper Adjustable Control Arms
– Febi Lower Control Arms
– Neuspeed Rear Swaybar
– Corner Balanced and Aligned by Taylor Chapman

– 034/JHM B7 RS4 Clutch and Flywheel
– Apikol Diff. Mount
– 034 Density Line Street Motor Mounts
– 034 Density Line Street Trans Mounts
– 034 Density Line Street Diff Mounts
– 034 Snub Mount
– JHM Short Shifter

– 17z Brembo Calipers
– Stoptech Slotted Volvo V70R Rotors Front
– Stoptech Slotted Rotors Rear
– EBC Yellowstuff Pads Front and Rear
– SS Brakelines

– RS4 OEM Front Bumper
– RS4 OEM Grill
– OEM Accessory Rear Spoiler
– OEM Euro Headlights
– OEM Euro Taillights with Amber Blinker
– B5.5 Passat Wipers
– Clearbra
– Early Style S4 Badges Front and Rear
– Black Europlate “SNO-WGN”
– Shorty Antenna
– 35% Tint
– Packsport 90 Full of Skis with Yakima Rack (Winter)

– Custom Wrapped Steering Wheel with Perforated Leather and Blue Stitching
– JHM Custom `WRC’ Blue Weighted Derlin Shift Knob
– Perforated Leather Shift Boot with Blue Stitching
– Hardwired Valentine One Radar Detector
– Podi Steering Column Mount Boost Gauge
– Diamond Component Speakers
– Eclipse 10″ Woofer in Custom Box
– MTX Amp
– OEM Sport Monster Mats
– Early Style S4 Badges on Gauges and Steering Wheel
– Gateway Bluetooth Module
– Comfort Blinker Relay

– SSR Comps Gunmetal 18×8.5 ET 35 with Michelin Pilot Sport Sports 225/40r18 (Summer)
– OEM Avus Plastidip Black 17×7.5 ET 45 with General Arctic Altimax 225/45r17 (Winter)

Photos property of CleanAudi.com. All rights reserved.

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