Wiley Coffin’s 4000CS Quattro

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Wiley Coffin’s 4000CS Quattro

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From an early age Wiley Coffin knew VAG cars were for him. He fell in love while helping his father work on a 76’ Super Scirocco. His father, an enthusiast in his own right, passed on his passion for cars to Wiley. He grew up in an agricultural town, so he started with a 73’ Ford and then a 52’ Dodge M-37 he rebuilt with his father. It wasn’t until college that Wiley was able to get his hands on his first VAG car. He had planned on finding a clean Mk2, but after looking without much luck, a family friend suggested a 4000. Wiley remembers him detailing the selling points of the 4000. “If you like the styling of the Mk2’s you should check out an Audi 4000. They could be had with all-wheel drive. Toss a 20v turbo in there and you’ll have a rocket.” So it began, Wiley found his first 4000 Quattro, an 86’ in Alpine White. He recalls that it wasn’t perfect, so he quickly learned to wrench on the fly. The mod bug bit early, and Wiley made a few bolt ons, while planning the ultimate 4Kqt build. While helping a friend look for a car, he stumbled across a 200 20v, the very car he needed the engine from for his dream build. Wiley bought the car, waiting for the right time to begin his project. Sadly he had to sell the 4000 before he could begin his track car build. In a funny ironic twist, Wiley ended up finding a near perfect 4Kq for his friend. (He had tried to warn his friend about Audi’s maintenance requirements, but as Wiley puts it, “No dice.”) Wiley told his friend that when he was ready to sell, Wiley would be there. Sure enough a few years go by, and Wiley gets a phone call. His friend was ready to sell, so without further delay, Wiley struck a deal. He now had all the parts he needed for his build, including a real job.

Wiley’s initial build took him about two years to get the car running, he started from the ground up, tackling the suspension and brakes while the car was still his daily. Wiley parked the 200 because he wanted to keep the miles off the engine and the 4Kq was more fun to drive. Wiley started the engine rebuild for the 200 in his bedroom. When he was ready for the machine shop to take over, Wiley set out to find a good one. On the recommendation of his friends, Wiley took the 20v to a place that dealt mostly with American muscle. As luck would have it, the lead machinist was a complete Audi fanatic. He took special care of the 20v and even waited after hours to meet Wiley and talk with him about the project. Once Wiley was ready to mate the new rebuilt 20v, he needed to find a new daily driver. The car? A mint Nogaro S4 in great shape. Wiley drove it till a careless driver totaled the car in the snow. Wiley, not to be discouraged, picked up a black on black Avant S4. This left the 4Kq ready for the full swap. Wiley buttoned the mechanicals and turned his attention to the wiring. (It was at this point Wiley learned he would be moving to DC for work) So with the car about 95% complete, Wiley shipped the car to 034 to finish up the final bits for the trip across the country. When Wiley picked up the car and drove it for the first time, he remembers that he was lost for words. The car now had almost four times the power it did before, making it a beast. Wiley rounded out the 4Kq with a few more mods, including a transmission upgrade and a European front bumper.

Although Wiley built the 4Kq as a track car, he still can drive the car on the street, making it a somewhat flexible setup. Due to the rather long list of modifications to the 4000 Quattro we have opted to list them instead. Wiley compares his Avant to the 4Kq and says that although the Avant is a fun car, great for all the different things he needs his cars to do, it can’t compete with the raw power and handling of the 4Kq. When we first spoke to Wiley, it became clear that he was a true enthusiast, but more then that, Wiley is that guy who achieved his dream build. The guy we all hope to be at some point. For that, we commend you Mr. Coffin.

– CA Staff

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– 3B from ’91 200
– AFE Cone Filter
– Garrett GT3071r A/R .63 Turbo
– 034 Turbo Brace
– Intake Plumbing powder coated Texture Black
– PWR Intercooler
– Forge BOV
– Custom Ported Throttle Body
– 034 Billet Throttle Cam
– RS2 Intake Manifold
– 55 lb Injectors
– 034 IIc Standalone
– 034 Fuel Rail
– Fuelab Adjustable FPR
– 034 Fuel Pressure Gauge
– 034 Phenolic Intake Spacer
– Rebuilt Head with New Valves, Seats, and Seals
– HD valve springs
– Powder coated Textured Black Valve Cover
– Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Wire Cover
– HO Coils with 034 Coil Mount
– ARP Head Studs
– Venolia Pistons
– Total Seal Rings
– Scat Rods
– Coated bearings (Rod and Main)
– Completely Balanced Rotating Assembly by Repaair
– UrS4 Windage Tray
– 034 Tubular SS Header
– 034 3″ SS Downpipe
– 034 3″ SS Exhaust with Flowmaster Muffler
– Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
– ARP Flywheel Bolts
– South Bend Stage 5 Extreme Clutch
– Ron Davis Aluminum Radiator
– 80 C Thermostat
– Vortex Breather Separator
– 034 Catch Can
– 4kq Alternator
– 034 Motorsport Motor Mounts
– Optima Yellow Top Mounted in Trunk
– Ingersoll Rand Boost Control Valve


– 01E 6spd from ’00 S4
– 034 RS2 Replica Trans Mounts
– 034 Motorsport Trans Mounts
– UrS4/4kq Modified Shift Linkage
– JHM Center High-Bias Diff Modification
– B3/90 20v Front Axles
– 034 Motorsport Rear Diff Mounts and Bushing
– T44 V8 Rear Torsen Diff
– UrQ Rear Axles
– 034 Firewall Brace
– 034 Short Shifter


– Toyota MR2 Electric Steering Pump
– B4/90 Front 2-piece Strut Housings
– B3/90 Front Lower Ball Joints
– H&R Camber Bolts
– Koni Adjustable Front Strut Inserts
– A-1 Racing Coilover Sleeve in Front
– Eibach 300 lbs Springs (Front & Rear)
– Ground Control Coilovers rear
– 2Bennett Front Adjustable Upper Strut Mounts
– B4/90 Front Upper Strut Brace
– 034 Track Density Rear Upper Strut Mounts
– Bilstein Sport Rear Strut Inserts
– 4kq Front Anti-Sway Bar Mounted in the Rear
– Blau Sport Control Arm Bushings
– 034 Front Offset Solid Subframe Bushings
– 034 Rear Solid Suframe Bushings
– 034 Front Anti-Sway Bar Bushings
– Corner Balanced and Aligned by Taylor Chapman
– 8mm H&R Trak+ Spacers in Rear


– Porsche 928 GTS “Big Black” Calipers
– 13″ 2-Piece Rotors
– Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads Front and Rear
– SS Brake Lines
– Motul 660 Brake Fluid
– Tilton Adjustable Bias Valve

– Volk TE37 White 17×7.5 ET40 with Toyo RA1 205/40-R17 (Track)
– Rota Slipstream Black Chrome 17×7.5 ET 45 with Pirelli PZero Nero 225/35-R17 (Street)


– Sparco 5-point Harnesses
– Sparco Ring Steering Wheel
– Audi Sport Horn Button
– JHM Custom `WRC’ Weighted Derlin Shift Knob
– 4k 3 Gauge Pod
– Custom 3 Gauge Pod in Center Vent made by Adam Mahre
– Custom Billet “quattro” Dash Badge made by Adam Mahre
– Modified 5ktq Gauges to fit in the 4kq cluster
– VDO Vision Boost Gauge
– VDO Vision Oil Pressure Gauge
– VDO Vision EGT Gauge
– VDO Vision Voltmeter
– VDO Vision Oil Temp Gauge
– VEI Valentine 1 Remote Display
– Hardwired Valentine One Radar Detector
– Innovate Wideband LC-1
– Eclipse Stereo Headunit
– MB Quarts Component Speakers
– Hardwired Power Inverter
– 4kq Front Fog Light Switch wired to Launch Control
– 4kq Rear Fog Light Switch wired to Euro Fog Lights
– Euro Turn Signal Switch with Cruise Control Switch Delete
– Safety Devices Roll Bar powder coated fine textured black
– GasPedal Customwerks Shift and E-brake Boot by sg60
– Euro Turn Signal Stalk without Cruise Control Switches


– Modified Front 4kq Bumper with Lower V8 Valence by Derek Wanting
– 200 Front Mud Flaps Mounted Front and Rear
– Euro H1/H4 Headlights (Relayed Lows and Highs)
– Euro Rear Taillights
– Rolled Front and Rear Fenders
– Euro Bumper Rebar with Yellow Reflector Fog Lights and Clear Turn Signals.
– Pontiac GTX Hood Louver


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