Travis Dodd’s RS5


Travis Dodd’s RS5

Travis Dodd's RS5 (2)

Travis Dodd’s road to his RS5 is an interesting one. From a young age he was about speed, competing in BMX at national and international levels, as well as motocross in his down time. Travis had always been interested in modifying cars, and like most of us, started on cheaper JDM imports. In his early 20’s Travis started to focus on his career and his family. He was offered a company vehicle and with a budding family, could not turn down the opportunity.  It was also around this time Travis had to put down his bikes due to old injuries. (For now his says) However it was not long until Travis wanted to get back into the car scene. So he set a goal for himself, and being competitive by nature, he achieved it in no time at all. In 2010 Travis fell in love with the lines of the S5 and made the V8 coupe his. A short two weeks later he learned that he would be a father. As Travis puts it, “Other than changing my underwear, I quickly invested in a nice baby seat.” Although Travis was in love with the S5, his wife did not express the same sentiments. However she quickly warmed to the car, and Travis was able to keep the S5 (Audi crisis avoided).

“The RS5 brings such a contrast of intimidation and elegance to the exterior and has a very rich, plush interior to make the most comfortable feel a sports car can have.”

The mod bug bit Travis quickly and the S5 soon had a modified exhaust, air intake, suspension and brakes. The list goes on, and after colleague invited Travis to an HPDE event, he couldn’t stay off the track. Travis quickly developed a need for more speed and toyed with the idea of supercharging his S5. He even considered moving to a four door platform, however he could not seem to find the right fit. This is where the RS5 comes in. After some looking and a bit of luck, he found a Suzuka Gray RS5 at a dealer in Atlanta. Travis has owned the car for about four months and is looking forward to tracking the car next spring. His neighbors think he is crazy, because he washes the car every time he takes it out (We’re sure everyone here understands that feeling all too well). Although Travis has owned the car for only a short few months, he has already tackled the suspension and stance of the car. He chose to run Stasis coilovers with GMG sway bars both in front and rear. He also made the jump to BBS CH-R’s in a 20×10.5 format. The BBS’s are finished in Satin Titanium and rock an impressive offset of 25mm. Other modifications include a hardwired HP905/ Passport 9500ix and a clean window tint all round. His future plans include an Air intake setup, Ecodes, and a possible tune and Kline Inconel exhaust. He is also still thinking about a supercharger for the RS5. On the exterior, Travis plans to keep it simple and wants to add some trim pieces in carbon fiber. He feels that “the RS5 brings such a contrast of intimidation and elegance to the exterior and has a very rich, plush interior to make the most comfortable feel a sports car can have.” Although Travis enjoys the car in every aspect, he feels that “Racecar Fridays”, where he packs the car seat into the RS5 and takes his two year old daughter to school is the most rewarding experience for him thus far. His daughter loves the car as much as he does, especially the sound of the V8. Travis wanted to thank a few people for helping him with his ongoing project including Jim Ellis Audi, Ben “Mops” Pagett and Nemesis Autosports, the GMG Team as well as Dak at CarTunes. He also extended a big thanks to his family for listening to all his Audi talk. Here at CleanAudi, we want to thank Travis for letting us feature his very special RS5, and we look forward to seeing the car’s future unfold.

-CA Staff

Photos courtesy of Travis Dodd – All rights reserved

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