Thaddeus Devries’s All Road

The Road Less Traveled

Thaddeus Devries’s Allroad


For most of us, our Audis fall into neat and clear categories. Whether you drive a B5 or D2 you know that there is a logical (for the most part) system that got you to that designation. However there are a few of us out there that choose to modify Audi’s more unique models, models that pose specific tuning challenges, but offer very appealing pay outs. Enter Thaddeus Devries and his Allroad. Thaddeus is no stranger to the Allroad, a good looking car with strong lines and superb fenders, as he owns two. The story of the second one is what we couldn’t leave alone. You see, Thaddeus had spent some time looking for the Allroad he wanted, a 2.7t manual. Now that’s not unheard of, but it is one rare bird. So when a cobalt blue 2.7 popped up locally, Thaddeus wasted no time making the car his own. He bought the car the night before his son’s birth. (The kid’s name is Audi – You still think you go hard?) Right away the Allroad garnered attention, being featured in a news article less than a month later. Needless to say it wasn’t long before the modifications started.

Thaddeus started with the basics, making sure the maintenance was done. (Our kind of guy) He then tackles the timing belt and the diverter valves. Next were the down pipes and a Stage II+ tune. After that, Thaddeus did the 402 modification, lowering the car a few cm. He wanted to keep the car OEM+, a hard thing to get right. Thaddeus chose his modifications carefully and made a few small changes to the exterior. First he installed a set of Thule bars; fairing and fork mount racks and then a set of pre-face lift tail lights. To keep within the OEM+ look, he installed a face-lift euro rear plate tub and euro front plate mount. Finally he focused on one of the most important areas of a car, the wheels. Thaddeus kept it simple with a set of 19×8.5 Hartmann C6 RS6 wheels. He had the rears widened to 9.5” and dropped in 20 mm spacers all the way around. Missing no detail, Thaddeus then installed Audi center caps and aluminum valve stems. Although Thaddeus had picked up the car in cobalt blue, he had always wanted a dark gray. So he wrapped it, using Avery vinyl. Thaddeus took on the project himself because he wanted a full wrap, including the door jambs. (A 5000 dollar job) He was also no stranger to wrapping and knew what he was doing. Overall he says the job went well, but that there are a few places that bug him. (We think it looks great) To round out the wrap, Thaddeus chose to plasti-dip the chrome trim, skid plates and wheels. The contrast is nice, and doesn’t look over done.

Having got the car to where it he wanted it on the exterior, Thaddeus turned his attention to the interior. He matched the OEM+ styling here as well. First he installed a euro RS6 cluster, following up with piano black trim throughout the interior. Next he upgraded to the 2nd gen RNS-E with OEM Bluetooth, along with a few other small things. He is currently working on a custom C5 3 spoke flat bottom steering wheel with perforated leather and all the functions. He also is in the process of installing a black suede headliner and matching pillars. For the future, Thaddeus aims to knock out a black euro Recaro interior. As you can see, Thaddeus is serious about his passion and his Allroads. As for his goal of OEM+, I think we can all agree that he knocked that one out of park. Well done, sir.

-CA Staff

Photos courtesy of Keith French Photography – All rights reserved.

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