Tyler Setterstrom’s B8 S4

The Monsoon Bullet

Tyler Setterstrom’s B8 S4

When we approached Tyler Setterstrom about featuring his 2013 S4, all we had was a picture of the car. We knew nothing else about Tyler’s S4, but as the saying goes, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Here at CleanAudi, we will be the first to admit that the whole bag scene is not our thing. So when we saw how low the car sat, we had our doubts. Rest assured, because after seeing a few more shots of Tyler’s S4, we couldn’t remember what our doubts had been. To date, a cleaner S4 has yet to come across our radar. Tyler has captured something with bags, that coilovers simply could not convey, and it is our moral duty to share his masterpiece with you.

The new S4’s are good looking from the factory, something Tyler clearly knew. He chose to go with an OEM + look that takes the car to a whole new level. His S- Tronic beast is coated in Monsoon Gray, and needed very little in exterior upgrades. So Tyler chose a set of 20×9 TSW Nurburgring’s with an offset of ET35. They are powder coated in a high gloss silver and wrapped in 255/30/20 Hankook Ventus V12 Evos. To complete the look, Tyler bagged the car with Air Lift bags and struts. He finished off the air system with an Autopilot V2 Management module from Air Lift and paired the new set up with dual 444cc compressors and an Accuair Exo mount. Last but not least he made some small changes to the exterior, including upgrading to European headlamps and 4300k HID fog lamps. Finally he had the car tinted with a Pinnacle Formula One ceramic window tint at 15%. Tyler decided to leave the interior stock for the most part, opting only to upgrade to LEDs to better showcase the black leather.

Under the brakes and performance department, Tyler wasted no time. He chose a tune from Revo works and installed high flow cats from 034 Motorsports. Tyler also installed a STaSIS Challenge Cat-back exhaust and AWE non-resonated downpipes to finish out the exhaust note. To help the car breathe better, Tyler installed an AWE S-Flow Intake. With all of his Go in place, Tyler turned his attention to the Stop. He chose a set of JHM 2-piece lightweight rotors for the front and rear, and paired them with EBC Red Stuff pads. (Good man Tyler, good man.) To complete the set up, he went with Neuspeed Stainless Steel brake lines and runs ATE Super Blue brake fluid. Finally to tighten up the car, Tyler installed RS5 sway bars in the front and rear. It’s probably worth mentioning that Tyler is an Audi tech, and did all the work himself.

OEM + is an art form, too much and you have over done it. Too little and you look like a novice, finding that fine balance between the two is no easy task. However the results speak for themselves when you do find it. Tyler’s S4 is a perfect example of this art form perfected. His car is simply put, clean. For that we say, well done sir, well done.  Tyler would like to thank Pacific German for all their support, as well as Adrianjonphotography for all the killer pictures.

-CA Staff

Photos courtesy of Adrianjonphotography. All photos reproduced with permission. All rights reserved.

CleanAudi thanks Tyler for his help and would like to thank Adrian Jon photography for the photos used.

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