Eamon Hughes’s B5 S4


Eamon Hughes’s B5 S4

Eamon Hughes purchased his B5 S4 with the sole intention of building a high performance engine. He jumped right into the S4 tuning scene and it wasn’t long before he was captivated by stance. A friend of Eamon’s introduced him to the art of stance with a 73’ beetle and from there Eamon knew what he wanted to do. Summer of 2012 Eamon lowered the car on a set of Vogtland coilovers, and began he quest for stance. Unfortunately, the previous owner of Eamon’s S4 had not been a good one, and as a result many hours and dollars went into repairing the damage done. Just as Eamon started to think about upgrades and modifications, the timing belt jumped a few teeth, and bent valves in all six cylinders. Instead of giving up, Eamon figured that while the engine was out, he would do the performance part of the build he had originally intended. He went to work and picked up a Injen air intake with a heat shield, after that he swapped out the old intake hoses with silicone ones. Then Eamon dropped in an Audi TT diverter valve and replaced the intake valves. A set of Super Tech exhaust valves also found their way into his engine. The S4 now has Integrated Engineering seals on the intake and exhaust, combined with a full belt change. Eamon made sure to build the engine right, and replaced all the seals, finally toping it all off with ECS exhaust manifold studs and RS4 engine mounts. Having sealed the engine up again, Eamon put in all new vacuum lines and for better breathing, a Vibrant Cat back exhaust system with a resonator delete. To control the healthy new engine, a Vast stage one clutch and OEM flywheel were installed. Now that Eamon had gotten the car to where it should have been, he focused his attention on the body. He wanted to keep the car as clean and untouched as possible, so he shaved the badges and restored the Brilliant Black paint job the car had come with. To finish the outside off, Eamon then had a VIS carbon fiber hood installed and painted to match the car. He kept the same philosophy for the interior, keeping it simple and elegant. The black S4 seats complement the pristine dash and Pioneer GPS unit. The stock Bose speakers work like a charm and the Glow Shift boost gauge fits nicely within its housing. Eamon is obsessed with keeping the car clean and the interior shows it, with a near perfect score. His final touches to the immaculate S4 were an upgraded suspension with HD control arms and a full rebuild to complement the Vogtlands. He then beefed up the rear brakes with new ceramic pads and slotted and cross drilled rotors all the way around. The car sits on a set of 18x 9.5 WCI CC10’s wrapped in 215/40 Nitto Neogen tires. Thanks to a contest with Euro Dream Wheels, Eamon picked up the forged CC10’s for free. This S4 certainly has had the run down, and is clean as it gets.

– CA Staff

Eamon would like to thank Nick and Jeremy for all their help. Photos Credit: Kimberly Laser

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