Ryan Beard’s MK6

Ohh man, That’s one Clean VW

Ryan Beard’s MK6 – A Study in Moderation

At Clean Audi, we pride ourselves on posting some of the cleanest Audis around. We work hard, long nights to make sure the photos are perfect. As the name suggests, we care about everything Audi. However as huge car guys in general, we can always appreciate a clean car of any make. (Although we may be biased in some cases…) So when the chance to present Ryan Beard’s MK6 came about, we felt morally obligated to share it with you. The car embodies every aspect of the word clean, from its artic white color to the perfectly stitched interior. The lines, flares and modifications all working together in unison, like a perfected symphony.

When we caught up with Ryan, he was in the process of changing wheels, so we have both set ups. The originals are gold Rotiform BLQ 3pc, 19×8.5 wrapped in 215/35 Falken 452’s, with an offset of 15mm. The rears are larger at 19×9.5 wrapped in a 225/35, also Falken 452’s. The exact color is called translucent candy gold, yum. The new set on the car currently, is just as impressive, if not more so. Ryan decided to go with HRE. The car sits on a set of Vintage 501 3pc wheels finished in satin white. The setup is similar, with 19×9 in the front and 19×9.5 in the rear.  On the exterior the car as a whole is extremely clean, sporting a Votex Lip kit, matched to the factory paint. Ryan also dropped in GLI taillights and a Ziza LED headlight kit. Keeping in theme with OEM+, Ryan went with a fog light kit from a Jetta SEL to match the factory look. To top off the look, he shaved the badges and filled the front plate. The exterior is a prime example of just right. It’s different, without becoming tacky or overdone.

Ryan did a phenomenal job on the interior, starting with the Bride Euro Sport II racing seats up front. The gradation insert is a nice touch. The rear seats are wrapped in suede to match the fronts, they also have the gradation insert from Bride. Other subtle changes include the Jetta SEL door sills and a LED light kit from Ziza. The dash keeps it OEM+ with a RCD – 510 Navigation Swap, and for a retro feel, Ryan went with a Nardi classic steering wheel and shift knob. We love that steering wheel. The trunk boasts a killer display as well; two air tanks are on display with a half sunken wheel to match the set on the car. All wrapped in suede.

As you may have guessed by now, Ryan’s MK6 is on air, lots of it. The system in run with a Switchspeed Analog controller. The front suspension is done up with an Air Life Slam series kit. The rears are one off customs paired up with Bilstein Sport Shocks. The compressor is a Dual Viair 400c, combined with Raw Aluminum 10 gallon tank. The system comes with a gauge kit, and digital pressure sensor, all finished in nickel. The front fenders were rolled and the air tanks are sitting on a custom fabricated stand.

Ryan has put a lot of work into his MK6 and it shows, the car speaks volumes for the idea of balance. The guys here at CleanAudi can attest to the difficult nature of that balancing act. So we wish to commend Ryan on his effort and success, it’s not every day that a car this clean comes along.

-CA Staff


Ryan wished to thank the following people for their help with his MK6:

–       Roitform Wheels

–       HRE Wheels (Amazing Customer Service)

–       Bag Riders

–       Air Lift (Featuring car at shows)

–       Everyone who has helped!

CleanAudi would like to thank Logan Wilson for the photos provided. Please visit Logan Wilson Photography for more information.


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