Nick Dascalopoulos’s C5 A6

Something Different

Nick Dascalopoulos’s C5 A6

Nick Dascalopoulos hails from Levittown, NY. He is a Long Island native who always had a passion for cars. For most of his life Nick was into American muscle. That is, until he was about 23. Nick picked up his first A6; he was in the process of customizing the car when it was totaled. (We know how that feels, so we can sympathize. Still hate Pontiacs)  Nick knew there was no turning back, so he took the insurance money and bought himself another Audi, this time a fully loaded B6 S4. The new car had all the options, however Nick still felt like there was something missing. So after a few months, he ditched the V8 and found himself another C5. His reason? Turbo, he needed it, badly. Enter Nick’s latest project, a 2001 A6 2.7T. He had done some searching for the perfect 2.7T and six speed combo, but it paid off. Nick picked up the car from Boston, even battling snow in order to make it his. This man knew what he wanted, and made sure he got it. Exactly the sort of person we love to see building an Audi. However his trip was not without problems. Unfortunately the car had been tied down in gear, and as a result the shifter linkage as well as the clutch was toast. (Ouch, we would have been so mad) But Nick, being a determined person, kept his cool and spent the next three weeks putting in a new clutch. He even took the opportunity to upgrade to a stage three setup. (More on that later) Now with Waterfest 19 fast approaching, Nick knew he had his work cut out for him. He also knew he wanted to do something different. So he chose to wrap the whole car, in a metallic blue that very few, if any had done before. With the help of a few friends at Evolution Auto Designs in West Babylon, NY, Nick was able to create the show stopping car you see today. Other changes to the exterior include and RS6 spoiler on the trunk, a rear window sill and wide door blades from the 4.2. Nick also tinted the car 50% up front, 35% on the sides and 20% around back. (Not sure how NYPD feels about that, but who cares…) Lastly, he added yellow film to the fog lights and clear corners on the main headlights. To top it all off, Nick upgraded to silver mirrors found on the S6. All of these small changes add up quickly to create one majestic C5, and perhaps one of the cleanest we have seen yet.

Now Nick is no noob when it comes to Audis, he knew that all show and no go wouldn’t fly. So he set about reworking the engine and tuning it up with some serious parts. Right off the bat Nick went with a custom tune, no cats and 3” custom pipes. He also installed 3” SRM downpipes and a 4” Magnaflow dual tip system with 4” tips. To help with the drive train, he installed a JHM lightweight flywheel, a JHM stage three clutch and a JHM solid linkage. Up front, Nick runs SRM Bipipes with a AEM Meth kit. To top it off, Nick uses 710N diverter valves. To keep everything stiff, he is running a JHM solid cross brace and a full set of ST coilovers. Nick dropped the car on a set of Miro 111s. The 19×9.5 wheels are wrapped in Falken FK453 225/35 R19 tires with a staggered set up. The front ET is 28 and the rears are ET30. As you can see, Nick’s A6 is something special. He has struck the balance between overdone and under fed perfectly. The results speak for themselves; the beautiful blue face of this A6 hides the wicked 2.7 just below the surface. Good job sir, now if we could all just stop drooling over your car, we might be able to publish this.

-CA Staff

Photos courtesy of Nick Dascalopoulos, all rights reserved.

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