Nart Bachkhaz’s RS6

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Nart Bachkhaz’s RS6


From the very first day I drove the car, I knew it was special because of the reactions and questions I would get from real car guys who know what it is.

We met up with Nart Bachkhaz at an AudiSport Club NYC event after reaching out to him about his stunning RS6.  Nart is President of Audio Sport Club NYC, and has a long history of builds including a 2006 Audi B7 S4, a VW MK2 GTi, 92 Mazda RX7 Turbo, Nissan Sentra SER, and host of Hondas – our favorite being his 99 GSR hatch +nitrous.  In fact, Nart’s first car was an Audi 4000CS.  So while his heart pumps oil and his love for all things “motor” runs deep, he’s been an Audi guy from the start.  Enter the RS6.  He purchased the car eight years ago with 39k on the clock and it was love at first drive.  Even when times were hard during the recession, Nart held on to his RS.  He daily drove his ’97 A6 to keep miles and cost down. Soon, he realized his RS6 had something more than his previous builds.  Nart said, “from the very first day I drove the car, I knew it was special because of the reactions and questions I would get from real car guys who know what it is.”  And while he plans on preserving the car, he still drives it hard, on cruises with his club or to shows on the east coast.  Nart says that over eight years of ownership it’s always been fun for him, and though plenty of work has been put in, it’s clearly out of love for the car and culture.

Let’s talk about some of the work that has gone into this beautiful machine, starting with the engine.  Nart worked with Drive Auto Works to build the car right, adding upgraded Loba internals the help the turbos push more boost.  He opened up the engine’s air flow with Wagner intercoolers and carbon fiber shrouds. ITG racing filters help the car breathe better, while APR diverter valves and a Revo Stage 2+ tune combine to produce massive power.  A 3” full custom stainless steel exhaust with downpipes and 100 cell cats give the car a ridiculous growl while opening up the motor even more.  To help the drive train and transmission keep up, Nart decided to replace the problematic OEM trans with a Level 10 racing transmission sporting cryogenic gears and bulletproof torque converter.  Even the transmission’s been tuned to keep the shifts speed up. Focusing on the drivetrain, he opted for 034 Motorsports engine and transmission mounts, plus their control arm kit with adjustable camber. The stock shocks were replaced with KW V1 coilovers that Nart had corner balanced and tuned.  To put the stop on all this power, he swapped out the brake rotors for JHM lightweight 380mm 2pc rotors.

On the exterior of the car, Nart decided to go with an OEM plus look. He modified the OEM headlights, dropped in HID fogs, and had custom tail lights made. The front bumper sports a curpa lip, adding a hint of aggression to his look. The RS6 has two sets of wheels, one for shows and one for the track. The wheels pictured here are Niche Targas at 20×10.5 in the rear and 20×9 up front wrapped in Michelin PSS tires (not pictured: BBS CH Back edition track wheels). For added effect and strength, the wheels are locked down with Tikore lugs. The calipers are coated in a stunning red that stands out against the gloss black Targas. Inside the car Nart went with a 3D HD Android Deck with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, OBD 2 reader, 3D Dolby Digital sound paired with a 1000w, 2ohm 12″ JL Subwoofer and Alpine 1000w, 2ohm VDrive Amplifier. The set up can be easily removed for track day events. To keep an eye on everything, Nart uses a P3 OBD2 Multi Gauge that fits his diver side vent perfectly. Finally, the bulbs in the car were changed out for LEDs as well as the door mats.

Nart’s future plans for the car include a proper set of racing seats, racing spec O1e 6spd transmission with custom gearing, a custom 650hp tune with launch control, and an Accuair Suspension. We look forward to seeing how the car progresses, and one thing is for sure: Nart is a true blue-blood gear head.  Not only has he poured his sweat and energy into his RS6, but he’s taken it further and stepped up as a leader in his Audi community.  We could all learn a thing or two; being a car guy means you can appreciate all makes and models, even if you would have done something different.  And, more importantly, make sure you’re always having fun!  When we spoke to Nart Bachkhaz for this feature, it was clear that no matter what was he was doing with his car and the club, he was having fun. We think that’s the way it should be. A huge thank you to Nart for taking the time to speak with us and for his hospitality.

– CA Staff

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