Manny Cardentey’s B5 S4


Manny Cardentey’s B5 S4

MAR Special-12

I found the kit I was looking for in Belgium.

We first saw Manny’s car while scrolling through thumbnail images of various Audis in our social media feeds. This is often a part of our daily routine, except Manny’s car was different. Its bulging fenders immediately caught our eye. We would know those lines anywhere, it was a widebody, and one we were determined to feature. We contacted Manny and he happily agreed to set up a shoot. The fruits of our labor are below, but before we get there let’s get to know the car a little bit more. Manny purchased his silver B5 S4 in 2004. The car had just over 20,000 miles on it, it was almost new. He drove it for a few years with a stage 3 KO4 upgrade, but like all good enthusiasts, he was soon hungry for more. Enter Autospeed, a Euro speed shop based in New Jersey where Manny took the plunge and had his motor built from top to bottom, with forged rods, pistons and beefed up heads. He dropped in OEM RS6 turbos and increased the power with Autospeed downpipes and a full cat back exhaust. For fueling, Manny chose to run 660 injectors and a Bosch 440 pump. To cool the beast down, a fully custom front mount intercooler was added along with OEM RS4 pipes. To wrap it all together, a custom tune form Autospeed controls it all from the turbos to the custom diverter valves.

To harness all that power, Manny chose KW V3 coilovers and paired them with 034 adjustable upper control arms, as well lowers from 034 motorsports. He then added an AWE sway bar and upgraded the engine and transmission mounts to Autospeed street series. To get the power to the ground Manny had a custom Autospeed clutch kit installed along with a Tanoga short shifter. Finally to shut it all down there is a Stoptech St40 BBK.

Still looking for more, he started to hunt for a widebody kit. Manny quickly found one… in Belgium. Undeterred, he purchased it and arranged to ship all the panels, skirts, front fenders and bumpers over. Once in the States, the long transformation process began. It took three months for the body shop to complete the conversion. During that time, Manny had decided that he preferred the Eurospec S4 rear bumper over the OEM RS4 variant and had that molded to fit the widebody as well. The S4 sits on a set of Fikse FM5 staggered wheels with 18×9 in the front and 18×10.5 in the rear. They are wrapped in 235/40, 245/40 Michelen PSS tires respectively. Other small touches include the LLtek trunk spoiler and OEM Euro headlights. Finally, Manny turned his attention to the interior. He installed a set of Recaro Sportster carbon fiber racing seats along with an Autopower roll bar which he color matched to his Stoptech BBK. To tie it all together, he finished strong with a full carbon fiber trim swap from Matt at OCarbon. Needless to say the car is a true work of art. Not a detail is out of place on this Widebody Outlaw, and it was pleasure capturing it.

-CA Staff

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