Kendel Bruce’s A6


Kendel Bruce’s A6

“…I kept telling myself that I should go check [the A6] out. I finally did and 3 hours later it was mine.”

Our story starts about three years ago, Kendel, a long time Audi and Volkswagen enthusiast, found himself looking for a more practical car than his current A5. With a growing family, both the VW CC and the A5 seemed to be just a bit too small. After selling both cars for a Q5 SUV for the Mrs., Kendel started looking for a roomier, more practical car for himself. He remembers driving by a local dealership and seeing a 3L A6 for sale. As he puts it, “…I kept telling myself that I should go check [the A6] out. I finally did and 3 hours later it was mine.” He was impressed with the power and smoothness the 3.0 supercharged V6 offered, and so the Brilliant Black A6, complete with two-tone peanut butter interior was his. (Small aside, the peanut butter interior is one of our favorites from Audi)

Kendel told himself he would keep the modifications to a minimum, and well… we all know how that works. It wasn’t long before he started to tinker, a new front grille with RS4 style mesh arrived at his doorstep, followed by a set of ST suspension coilovers and 19”x9” OEM S5 rotors. With the A6 now holding a much more aggressive stance, Kendal upped the power, first with a GIAC stage one tune and then a GIAC stage two tune paired with an AWE pulley. A USP Motorsports cold air intake was added to help the supercharger breathe better and scream louder. An H&R rear sway bar further improves the handling of the A6, keeping it firmly planted on the road.

To complete the OEM+ look Kendel was after, he opted for a set of ECS carbon fiber mirrors as well as some other small exterior upgrades. B8 S4 rocker panel side blades and blacked out orange marker lights give the A6 a stealthy aggressive look without going over the top. Stealth indicator lights and a 35% tint keep the deep black theme rolling. Meanwhile, a euro shift knob and OEM flat bottom steering wheel make for the perfect interior touches to the already spectacular brown on black leather interior. Kendel’s latest mod was a baby seat, and with that, he plans to enjoy the car for a bit. Although like any car guy, he has plans for the future, including quad tipped cat back exhaust, new rear valence and possibly even a new set of wheels. As Kendel aptly points out, “once you start, you’re never actually done modding a car until you sell It!” And in response to our good friend we say cheers.

-CA Staff

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