Jeff Sensenig’s S4

Silver Stunner

Jeff Sensenig’s B5 S4

Jeff's S4 (34)

Obviously I have a weakness for the B5 S4

This month, we have the decidedly awesome opportunity to feature a car after our own hearts. Jeff’s silver S4 is not the first Audi he has ever owned. In fact he has been a part of the family for a while. At the ripe old age of eighteen, Jeff got his first Audi, a 98’ A4 and was in for life. He jumped to a B5 Passat and then a black on black S4. He sold that for a 2001 stage 3 S4 (Seeing a pattern here?) A few years went by, and Jeff decided to sell his second S4 to invest in a business. He picked up a cheap MK4 Jetta, but quickly dumped it for a MK5 Jetta with a 2.0 TDI. The MK5 didn’t stay stock for long, as Jeff upgraded the turbo, along with a custom Malone tune with the help of Diesel Dubs. Unfortunately the MK5 didn’t last long either, after an aggressive meeting with a deer on the back roads of PA. The MK5 was totaled after another driver struck a deer and sent it, plus their car into Jeff’s perfect Jetta. Every cloud has a silver lining however, and Jeff found himself in the car we see today. (See what we did there?) Jeff’s 2000 S4 came with just over 60k on the clock, making it fantastically clean. Within a few months of owning it, Jeff noticed the clutch was slipping, but felt it would be a crime to just upgrade the clutch. As we all know, if you give a moose a muffin…

What started with a clutch upgrade quickly turned into a full on build. Jeff tossed the old turbos out in exchange for JHM RS6-R upgrades. (Because if you are going for it, go for broke) Jeff is man that does not cut corners, and because of this he focused on a complete set up. He paired the new turbos with Bosch EV14 650cc injectors and Bosch 710n diverters. For air flow management he went with a 90mm Hitachi MAF. Jeff picked up a set of Bosch Tri-Electrode spark plugs and upgraded the coil packs to Beru as well as dropping in a modified RS4 airbox. Jeff then switched to a Silicone boost hose kit, as well as a 034 ceramic coated bi-pipe. For his intercoolers, he went with tried and true AWE side mounts. Jeff let the car breathe with 034 down pipes to a single four inch exhaust setup. For fueling, a 300+ LPH fuel pump was installed. As for his tune, Jeff runs 26psi on 93pump with JHM’s file. (He plans on upgrading to E85 in the future) He also runs a manual boost controller with in-car adjustment. Oh yea, about that clutch. Jeff decided to go with a JHM ceramic/Kevlar stage 4 clutch, combined with B7 RS4 pressure plate and 14lb flywheel.

To stop and lock the car down, Jeff turned to 034 Motorsports for street density transmission and motor mounts. He also locked down the rear diff with Apikol’s rear mount. He runs STs for his coilovers and Alcon Mono6 355mm BBK to get things shut down quick. As for the exterior of the car, Jeff went with OEM, only rolling the fenders to get the stance he wanted. He kept the tinted taillights, but plans on removing the side markers, a relic from the previous owner. Jeff went for an aggressive look with 18×8.5 BBS CH-R’s in black. The wheels came with an offset of 38mm, which he bumped out with 10mm spacers up front and 15’s for the rear. He wrapped the BBS with Continental ExtremeContact DW’s in 225/40/18. He kept the White Alcantara Interior much the same, choosing to just upgrade the audio system. He installed a Pioneer 7inch AVH X5600 head unit with two 10inch Memphis Sub and 500 watt Memphis amp to fill out the sound. Last but not least, he picked a classy AWE vent boost gauge to finish off the car. Jeff has been around the family for a long time, and his latest build is a clear sign of this. He crafted this immaculate S4 with the utmost care, and it shows. This is one of those cars that defines tasteful, in every sense of the word. It also goes like a bat out of hell, so kudos to Jeff and his perfect S4.

– CA Staff

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