Jeff Faulkner’s B5 and B7

Snowed In

Jeff Faulkner’s B5 and B7

“While this particular package isn’t a full-fledge unicorn, I can say without reserve, that they don’t necessarily grow on trees.”

Our special feature this month is a bit different to say the least. What started out as a single car feature quickly turned into the double spread you see before you now, after talking with a man named Jeff. You see, Jeff Faulkner owns not one, but two white A4s. We had originally perused him about the pristine Casablanca White B5 that had caught our eye on the forums, only to learn that possibly one of the cleanest B7 Avants we had ever seen was his as well. The Ibis White B7 Avant is nothing short of perfect, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s paired with a killer B5 as well. Now, after we had wiped the drool off our faces and picked up our jaws, we set about getting to know more about these two snow whites. Jeff’s story is certainly a unique one, which he started in 2004. Jeff found himself looking for a clean European car that offered great handling and drive. Audi had always interested him, so he picked up a 99 2.8 A4 in, you guessed it, Casablanca White. He started out with no intention of modifying it and drove the A4 like it was for three years. (We know, right? We told you it was a unique story.) In 2007 however, the mod bug finally bit and it bit hard. Jeff worked over the car, making it perfect. Problems struck in 2009 with the economic fall, and Jeff had to find new employment after ten loyal years. He did, over a year later, but he had to make a few tough choices to weather the hard times. Still, he stayed true and held on to his B5 and his passion for modifying it. However, with the new job, Jeff’s 100 mile daily didn’t make the aging B5 the best choice. So he did the only thing he could do, buy another Audi. (We knew we liked this guy) Enter the B7 Ibis Avant, yup that one. Jeff has slowly been bringing the B7 up to speed, and the results speak for themselves. At the same time, he kept the B5 as clean as ever, making for an amazingly clean pair. So without further ado, we all know why you are here.

The B5 A4 – 1999

Casablanca White 2.8 30v

Jeff started with the audio system in his B5, choosing to upgrade the whole system. He went with a Kenwood KDC-MP5028 head-unit and paired it with four Polk MMC-5250 5.25 inch 2-way components and two Polk MMC-6501 6.5” 2-ways housed in custom kick-panels. For the subs, Jeff went with Rockford Fosgate P1L-210 Dual 10 inchers. He gave them the power they needed with a Rockford Fosgate P3001 2-channel amp. The components are run off a Rockford Fosgate P4004 4-channel amp. To keep sound in and rattle down, Jeff installed Dynamat on all four doors, trunk and rear trunk lid. Jeff then turned his attention to the exterior of the B5. He decided to keep it simple, painting the lowers to match and installing an RS4 grille. He also converted to one piece headlights for a more updated look. Finally he topped off the look of the car with a glossy black roof. Having gotten the car to look and sound good, Jeff started on performance.

The first thing he did was chip it with a Speedtuning chip as well as a G.I.A.C. tip-chip. Next he tackled the exhaust, opting for a Magnaflow 14862 muffler and pairing it with a K&N drop-in air filter. After that Jeff focused on the brakes, dropping in a set of Hawk pads with Adam’s cross drilled rotors all round. He also installed a set of ST coilovers to get the right height. To top it off, Jeff put on a set of 18×8 et32 ESM-004s wrapped in Kumho Platinum tires (225/40/18) and dropped in an Optima Yellow top battery. However something was still missing. Jeff felt that the chip just wasn’t cutting it and he needed more power. However, seeing as he had himself a 2.8, Jeff didn’t have many options. Enter the PES G1 Supercharger, in 2008 Jeff found a complete G1, and with help of another enthusiast, he installed it. The G1 ran flawlessly for over 50k, until hard times struck. Jeff had to let the super charger go, and sold it to another tuner. (Jeff also informed us he misses the G1 and wants it back, you know who you are, and his contact info is at the bottom. JK, but still…). So there you have it, the story of one clean B5. Wait? What? Oh yea, there’s another one too. Enter the B7.

The B7 A4 – 2007

Ibis White with Titanium Package

Jeff had always been a fan of Avants, (Man, this guy gets better and better) so when the time came to find a more reliable ride, he knew what he wanted. An Ibis White B7 with the Titanium Package, now that’s not impossible to find, but, well to quote Jeff: “While this particular package isn’t a full-fledge unicorn, I can say without reserve, that they don’t necessarily grow on trees.” Anyhow, after some looking (About two months) he found one, and it was local. Fate anyone? This time around the Avant made it two whole days before Jeff started modifying it, and man, the list is long:

  • APR Stage 2+
  • APR High pressure fuel pump
  • Forge DV
  • Black Forest Industries catch can
  • 034 Motorsport turbo inlet hose
  • 034 Motorsport High Flow Cats
  • Stasis Motorsport exhaust
  • KW v1 coilovers
  • 034 Motorsport rear sway-bar
  • 034 Motorsport end-links
  • SPC Performance adjustable control arms
  • Adam’s cross drilled rotors (All round)
  • Posi-quiet brake pads
  • Stainless steel brake lines
  • Optima yellow-top battery

Starting to get the picture? Well there’s more…

  •  19″ ESM-004 LM reps
  • Deval carbon fiber front splitter
  • Relak carbon fiber side skirts
  • Dual-tip carbon fiber rear valance
  • B6 S4 Recaros
  • TT S-line flat-bottom steering wheel with airbag
  • RS6 tiptronic shift knob
  • RS4 pedals
  • RS4 grille
  • RS4 e-brake handle
  • RNS-E upgrade
  • Black housing bi-xenon upgrade
  • P3 Vent Gauge

So as you can see, Jeff Faulkner does not mess around when it comes to his cars. The results are nothing short of spectacular. In both cases, Jeff has managed to capture the essence of OEM+, no easy task. CleanAudi would like to thank Jeff for not only sharing his stunning Audis with us, but also for being such an active and supportive member of the Audi tuning community. Mad respect bro. As for our readers, we decided against two separate galleries for the cars. We hope most of you can tell the cars apart…

-CA Staff

Photo Credit – – All rights reserved.

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