Graham Weir’s S4


Graham Weir’s S4

Graham's S4 (9 of 36)


“I vividly recall explaining the concept of a yellow S4 wagon to my grandma…”

Graham Weir is no stranger to the Audi family. He has owned a fleet of B5s, making him a true enthusiast. (In our book, anyone who buys another B5 after owning one is either dedicated or crazy) The Imola we so proudly present to you today is the fifth Audi Graham has owned. His previous cars were all B5s, the most notable being his pristine Cactus S4 wagon. Graham describes the Imola as the pinnacle of his B5 dreams, as he always has a soft spot for the bright yellow. That combined with the fact it’s an Avant seals the deal for Graham, although the story of how he captured his Imola S wasn’t as cut and dry. While Graham still had his Cactus, he would often see the yellow wagon around town. He even left a note for the owner, inquiring about the sale of the beast. Fast forward a year, Graham had almost forgotten about the Imola wagon when he got a call from his parents telling him the wagon was for sale locally. Needless to say, Graham sped home to strike a deal with the previous owner, and the Avant was his. Graham finally had his dream B5, and immediately set about making it as clean as his Cactus. Graham believes strongly in OEM+, the reason we approached him in the first place, and in every Audi he has owned it’s easy to see.

Graham decided to keep it simple, he cleaned up the wagon and gave it a tasteful set of modifications. After the maintenance, Graham focused on the drive train. He stiffened up the S with a set of 034 Motorsports engine mounts and transmission mounts. He followed up with a set of H&R coilovers. To finish off the drive train, Graham turned to Apikol for the snub and rear diff mounts. Next Graham focused on the note of the 2.7t. He picked up an AWE Twin 1 exhaust and paired it with SSAC downpipes. Graham maintains that the AWE Twin is the best exhaust for the B5, and it’s hard to disagree. Graham kept things simple under the hood, opting for an EPL tune on the stock internals and turbos. For the exterior Graham picked a set of 18×8.5 Squared SC1 wheels with an ET of 45mm. He wrapped them in a set of 225/40/18 Hankook V2s. His final touch included a set of Valeo Ecodes to clean up the exterior of the car. Other small details include a vent boost gauge. As Graham puts it “I like the idea that the car can appear as though it left the factory that way. Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” We couldn’t agree more, Graham. PS, try not to sell this one!

-CA Staff

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