Filipe Pimenta’s SQ5

Meaty Fresh

Filipe Pimenta’s SQ5



Filipe’s always been a car guy.  He came from the JDM import scene, driving a stunning Infinity G35 twin turbo.  True to his VIP fashion, his G35 rocked fantastic wheels – with lips so deep you could get lost and fall in. The car was pristine; not a hair out of place. Filipe was no stranger to the German market though, and drove a C300 as his daily. But as life progressed and priorities changed, the G35 started to sit in the garage. Filipe fell out of love, sold it, and began to looking for a replacement. With a family to take care of, he decided the Audi SQ5 would be an ideal balance between sportiness and practicality. He ordered his SQ5 with a Napa Magma leather interior and Carbon Atlas trim. The combo looks stunning set against the deep blue of the car’s exterior.

Shortly after ordering his new Audi, Filipe spotted AWE Tuning’s newly released exhaust system for the car and bought it immediately. Next he turned his attention to the suspension – Filipe wanted to go lower, but knew he would need a smooth ride and solid handling if his wife would make this Audi her daily driver. After debating different coilover setups, he opted to go with an H&R performance set paired with SPC adjustable control arms to dial in the camber. During the install, Felipe struck a deal with AWE Tuning to test their new non-resonated downpipes, and drove his SQ5 over to have these pre-release downpipes installed. To finish it all off, he chose a set of 20×10 et25 Avant Garde M590 wheels (originally wrapped in 275/40/20 Continental DWS) and put on a meaty set of 295/40/20 Continental DWS 06 tires. Filipe’s next step is to get his SQ5 a full tune from EPL. This clean build Filipe’s put together makes for a head turning daily driver with a solid OEM+ feel. The car is a looker, and we had a ton of fun shooting it for this feature. Like many things, moderation is key. It only takes a few changes to take a good looking car and turn it into a fantastic looking one. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do… Cheers!

-CA Staff

Photos property of All rights reserved.

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