Eric Cheung’s S5

Head Turner

Eric Cheung’s B8 S5

Eric's S5 (7)

Regardless of the direction Eric decides to take the car, it suffices to say, that he has set the bar high for what comes next.

Eric is a man of impeccable taste, which is why his S5 is an absolute knock out. He acquired the car from a Greek diplomat who hardly drove it. Eric soon set about making his S5 perfect, he started with bring the Ibis white paint back to life. Eric then focused on the modifications that would strike the balance of OEM+ and unique that he was after. This, no easy task on any Audi, is especially hard to get right on a car like the S5. The coupe comes from the factory with aggressive lines and wide wheels, the S trim punches up the already flashy B8 from Audi. With this in mind, Eric started with coilovers. He chose the Street setup from H&R and dropped the car just above the wheels. Eric then turned his attention to the exterior, swapping out the OEM grill for a RS5 replica to give the car a more aggressive look. Next he focused on tweaking the accents on the car for a bit more aggression. Eric Plastidipped the fog light surrounds and the rear valence. He added a glossifier to both to finish off the look. He then turned his attention for detail to the interior, opting to change out the stock interior lights for Tunerdome’s Full LED Kit. His S5 already came with the wickedly awesome Magma red interior. To complete the interior and make the car his own, Eric coded in several Vagcom mods. Seeing as the S5 already comes with a massive V8, Eric chose to let it breathe better with a Fast Intentions Exhaust paired with non-resonated downpipes. He also installed a Stratosphere short shifter for cleaner and stiffer shifts. We chose to save the best for last, the wheels. Eric takes great pride in his stunning setup, and rightfully so. He chose Avant Garde F210s with a brushed and polished face, mating them to a 3.5” chrome lip. In the front of the S5 he is running 20 x 9.5 with an ET of 12mm. They are wrapped in 245/35 Falkens. The rears are even more aggressive with a 4″ lip and a 20 x 11 setup. The rear wheels have an offset of 25mm and are wrapped in 275/30 rubber. The result is a staggeringly beautiful S5, tastefully modified and finished with show stopping wheels. For now Eric is happy with the car, but has plans to add E-Codes, AWE pedals and the 034 transmission mount for a more locked down drive train. He is also considering moving to wider wheels finished in gold or bronze. Regardless of the direction Eric decides to take the car, it suffices to say, that he has set the bar high for what comes next. With a few, carefully and deliberately chosen modifications, he has turned his S5 into something exotic. We know this thing turns heads, because we can’t stop looking at it.

-CA Staff

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