David Sperin’s Q5

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David Sperin’s Q5


I absolutely love my car. I’ve put on about 8000 miles in the last 8 months, I took 2 road trips to Maine this summer because 1 wasn’t enough.

We first met David about eight months ago, he had just started to become an active member in the local Audi tuning community. What immediately stood out was his friendly nature and genuine interest in cars, mainly Audi. Since then we have watched David transform his Phantom Black Q5 3.0T into a truly gorgeous SUV, which is not something you see every day. For David, this has been a long time coming. He started with a C5 A6 which he credits as the beginning of his love for all things Audi. He learned to drive with the A6 and kept it in mint condition until a rouge starter caused a fire, totaling the car. In need of a replacement, he started to look around for his next Audi. On a long shot, David messaged his uncle, who owned a 3.0t Q5 and asked if he would be interested in selling the Q to David. After much back and forth, David reached an agreement with his Uncle and became the new owner of a slightly used 3.0t Q5. (As David puts it, he has the best uncle in the world) It didn’t take long for David to start modifying the car. No really, it was about a week, and the first modifications were on their way.

David started with an intake from USP motorsports, to bring out the sound of the supercharged 3.0, soon thereafter he tackled some Vag-Com mods including a needle sweep and euro spec tail lights. He also disabled the DRL wink, in favor of a more European look. David worked around the car changing small things to make the Q his own. He chose an aluminum pedal set to accent the aluminum trim and replaced the S-Line badges with carbon fiber supercharged ones. David then opted for amber fogs from Ziza to further set the Q apart from others. He then turned to the suspension, opting to go with H&R for a set of lowering springs that got the car to the right height. To fill out the fenders, he picked up a set of Forgestar CF10’s in gloss gunmetal. The 21×9 wheel gives the Q5 an aggressive and sporty look. To back that look up David decided to go stage 1 form GIAC, which gave him a solid boost of about 100awhp and 65awtq. For some added character and better flow, he also installed AWE tuning’s Non-Res downpipes and touring exhaust with 102mm chrome tips. (It sounds amazing) The car is now a rocket ship and it is comfortable yet exciting to drive. (We may have launched it once or twice) Other great details include the fire orange Brembo brakes and the carbon fiber paddle shifters. It’s these details that make the car so special, this is one Q5 worth seeing. But most of all, it’s a car well loved by a true enthusiast. As David puts it “I absolutely love my car. I’ve put on about 8000 miles in the last 8 months, I took 2 road trips to Maine this summer because 1 wasn’t enough.” If this article was too long for you, there is always David’s summery below as well as some pretty pictures:


  • My A6 blew up, asked my uncle to buy his car off him
  • Sells its to me 4 months later
  • Mods begin
  • $$$$
  • $$$$
  • Q5 starts getting street cred
  • Q5 gets featured by CleanAudi
  • No Regrets


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