Adam Bortz’s TTRS


Adam Bortz’s TTRS

Waterfest 2015 (56)

RS4 wasn’t turbo, 996TT, I didn’t really like the interior and it was an older car. S3 was just as expensive as the RS and I don’t really need two 4 door cars.

For this month’s special feature we have something special and we think you are going to like what you see. When we approached a friend of ours about featuring his car, we knew we had a winner. You see, Adam Bortz is no stranger to fast Audis. His B5 S4 was and remains one of the most prolific builds around to date. Almost legendary, Adam’s B5 was fast. Really fast, as in over 600 to wheels fast at a time when others were still fighting over Ko4s. But that’s not what we are here to talk about today. Rather we want to bring you up to speed on Adam’s newest project. While not nearly as crazy as his past, Adam’s TTRS is still a masterpiece in the language of OEM+. But before we go into detail, some background first. Adam was looking to move on from the B5 platform (Can’t imagine why…) and was in the market for a new car. As he puts it “I was selling the S4 to get something that was more reliable but still would be very fun to drive.” He looked at the B7 RS4, a new S3 and even a 996TT, but after driving the TTRS Adam knew that was his car. He found his Phantom Black pearl locally for a good deal and drove it home that night. It wasn’t long before the bug bit and he felt the need to improve upon his new Audi, and improve he did.

Adam started with smaller things, opting to change out drivetrain bits first. He upgraded to a 034 Motorsport dogbone mount and BFI Stage 1 dogbone insert. Next he turned to 42 Draft Designs for a better shifter bracket and bushings. However, Adam felt it needed more, so he replaced the stock down pipe with a performance upgrade from 034 Motorsport, as well as 034 Motorsport catless midpipes. Shortly after Adam went for an upgraded intercooler from Wagner and lowered the car with MSS fully adjustable sport springs. In order to slow the RS down, he opted to use Carbotech Bobcat street pads for daily driving while saving the XP12 pads for the track. To tie it all together, Adam sprung for a set of Renn Motorsport RS-51s at 19×9.5 square. With an ET of 50mm and wrapped in 255s, the wheels sit perfectly in the wells for a super aggressive look. (It also doesn’t hurt that it’s black on black) Finally he tuned the TTRS using United Motorsport’s file. After spending some time with Adam and his TTRS, we can thoroughly say that it’s a quick car. He says it’s not as fast as the S4, but then again that’s like saying lava isn’t as hot as the sun. Adam’s attention to detail is second to none and nowhere is it more evident than in his projects. We managed to get a few tasty shots of the RS which we have posted below. Cheers Adam, for you sir, are doing it right.

CA Staff

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