Aaron Klimchuk’s Audi A3

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Aaron Klimchuk’s Audi A3

Aaron is no stranger to these pages, as his slammed A6 Avant was one of our first special features. Since then, his projects and restorations have made for interesting stories from time to time. Today is no different. Aaron is back with a monster A3 thinly disguised as a clean daily. At first glance, this A3 looks good. The Alzor wheels fit perfectly in the lowered arches of the body lines. A flare of carbon fiber on the trunk and oval exhaust tips give the car a sporty look. The contrast between the Glacier White paint and gun metal trim pieces pops nicely, while the de-badged trunk keeps onlookers guessing. To take this A3 at face value however, would be a huge mistake.

Aaron purchased this A3 as a reasonable daily driver to and from work. His long commute meant he would rack up miles on the gas friendly 2.0t. All was going to plan until the 2.0 unexpectedly decided to renovate itself.  With a blown motor, Aaron’s daily driver was down for the count. After a bit of back and forth he came to the conclusion that the only logical thing to do would be to build the motor and upgrade the turbo. Logically.

Seeing as the old motor was now nothing more than a paper weight, Aaron contacted APR and began to plan the resurrection of the A3. He opted to go with APR’s 2.0T EA888 Gen 3 Crate Engine. The fully built motor would be paired with APR’s stage three EFR7163 Turbo System. Offered as a turnkey solution, the turbo and motor utilizes APR’s stage 3+ fueling system as well. To help cool the massive amounts of air and small animals and children the A3 would be consuming, Aaron went with APR intercoolers and a carbon fiber intake. An APR oil catch can keeps the motor happy, while a cast down pipe (you guessed it, from APR) keeps the turbo flowing. A Loudvalves boost activated exhaust cut out helps the exhaust flow even more under load (it also wakes the dead). The ECU and TCU software is also provided by APR. To hold down all the power, a set of 19 by 9.5 Alzor wheels and sticky conti tires are used. In conjunction with the St Coilovers, the ride is a reasonable yet firm one. Great for a commute while also occasionally punishing some turns.

If you were to ask Aaron whether this was what he envisioned when he bought the A3, he might have told you no. Then again, it’s entirely possible that this build was in the back of his mind all along. Besides, if you had to choose between a 500+ WHP daily or not, would it even be a contest? We know what our choice would be. As for Aaron, we aren’t sure what’s next, but it’s a safe bet it will probably be something good.

-CA Staff

We would like to thank Pepper and JJ Bonilla of FJP Photo and Bonilla Photography for their help with and contribution to our latest special feature. Photos courtesy of Cleanaudi.com, all rights reserved. Video courtesy of FJP Photography, all rights reserved.