Avantoberfest 2017


There are car shows and there are car rallies. Then there are a select few events that walk the line between both. These are often the best events of the year, and Avantoberfest is no exception. Arguably the most anticipated meet/rally on our calendar this season, Avantoberfest manages to capture a magic that evades most shows. The weekend long event takes place in Stratton, VT but starts in Connecticut at the historic Lime Rock race track during the early fall. The weekend includes a fantastic drive from CT to VT on curving back roads, a live music festival with a beer and chili cook off, and a private hill climb in some of the east coast’s best landscape. What makes Avantoberfest special however is the down time, the in-between moments where long time wagon lovers and good friends get together for a good laugh and drink. The endless beauty of New England during the fall doesn’t hurt either, nor do the countless photo opts that present themselves throughout the event. Rain or shine, Avantoberfest is one of our favorite events of the season. This is in part due to the great community and sponsors of the event, but even more so due to the hard work of the event organizers. The small group of guys that sink countless hours into planning Avantoberfest deserve a huge thanks from all who attend. They have made something truly great, and it’s something we hope to see thrive for years to come. So thanks guys, and please keep up the great work. Here’s to next year!

-CA Staff

Checkout our coverage from this year’s Avantoberfest below, we have split the event up into a few different galleries that capture the different mini meets that took place over the long weekend. We hope you enjoy them!

Lime Rock Race Park

The Garage Meet

Hill Climb Sunday

Photos courtesy of Cleanaudi.com, all rights reserved.