Glacier Gang

For those of you that follow our Instagram account, this photoshoot will come as no surprise. We recently picked up this very clean B8.5 S4 to serve as the new daily. The S4 has already undergone a few modifications, and will continue to make appearances as we review, upgrade and tinker with it. We jumped at the opportunity to get our hands on the B8.5 platform, because of the robust 3.0 supercharged V6 and well, it looks great too.
Our particular S4 came with a few desirable options including the rear sports differential and electronically valved suspension, both of which we were eager to get our mits on. To top it off, the car is a beautiful Glacier White on black alcantara interior color combo, which looks stunning and gave us the chance to do something we have wanted to do for some time – A carbon fiber theme. (Nothing to crazy…)

As for modifications, we are firm believers in the less is more approach. We started by dropping the car with KW HAS springs, which allowed us to retain the factory shock and thus the all-important electronic damping features. We then grabbed a replica RS grille that gave the car a tad more presence up front, and topped it off with a set of really nice AG 590s in 19×9.5 with a ET of 45mm from our friends over at Nemesis Autosport. Keeping with the carbon fiber theme, we opted to try out the ECS carbon fiber intake system. (Look for a review of this sometime soon) While not required for tuning the S4, the intake opens up the sound of the roots type supercharger and its signature whine. To say we are in love with it would be and understatement. We also did a quick coil pack and plug service as well as basic maintenance, brakes, oil etc. That’s all for now, however we will undoubtedly find other ways to mess with our new daily. A tune springs to mind…

In the meantime, here is our first shoot with our new daily and hopefully many more to come. Enjoy!



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