Wagons Anyone?

We here at Cleanaudi.com like wagons, if this wasn’t painfully obvious already, it may be time to get your eyes checked. From our own project wagon to some of the wagons of our contributing photographers, they are a common subject on our site. So when we were asked to join a wagon photoshoot taking place during H2Oi this year, we didn’t waste anytime grabbing our gear. The Avants in question were all B7 platform S4s. What made this shoot interesting was the different take each owner had pursued for their own project. From the ultra OEM+ RS4 conversion to the classic air ride sprint blue S4, each car although cut from the same cloth, had its own personality. While we shoot cars one on one often, its not as common for us to get the chance to compare them side by side. Check it out and see what you think.

-CA Staff


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