MMC Meet


It’s Winter for us here in Maryland, meaning it’s cold and rainy all the time. As car guys…this sucks. But every once in a while we catch a break, and a few nights ago that’s exactly what we got! The Maryland Motor Club decided to host a Winter meet and some nice weather came along for the ride. While it was still cold, the night was manageable and dry – meaning MMC had an awesome turnout at their event.The Motor Club was able to fill the parking garage and then some. While the meet was definitely JDM and had a strong F&F vibe, there were still a few Audis that come out to play. There were some very cool cars in attendance, and we strolled through and got some great shots of cars that you don’t get to see every day. While we do wish there were more euros, it was really nice to see a ton of car guys come together in one place. That said… we’d really like winter to move on, and kindly: fuck off. Here are a few photos to keep you warm until the spring thaw. Cheers!



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