Avantoberfest 2016


This year’s Avantoberfest™ was without a doubt one of the best events we attended all season. First, a huge thank you is in order for the organizers and the sponsors. The event was well planned, fun and a great success. For those of you that don’t know, Avantoberfest is a long weekend event that starts as a cruise track side from Lime Rock Park in CT and ends in the stunningly beautiful mountain-sides of Stratton, VT. The event celebrates the Audi Avant or wagon. Although it was open to all Audis, there were a ton of fantastic wagons on the trip. Once in Stratton, the party doesn’t stop. The local beer and chili cook off with live music is usually well underway upon our arrival. There are group dinners planned for both days as well as a ton of other fun items like photo ops and maybe the occasional hill climb or two. Needless to say the event this year was a knock out success, and we plan on retuning next year with our own wagon to boot. We managed to grab a few photos from the event, even so to really experience the awesomeness that is Avantoberfest™ you had to be there. We will see you next year, no doubt.

-CA Staff


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