H2Oi 2016 Gallery


With another H2Oi successfully in the books, we took some time to go back over the hundreds of photos we took last weekend. Clean Audi attended the show, hit several meets on the strip in Ocean City, and cruised through some Coastal meets in between. Though it rained at the beginning of the weekend, this year’s H2Oi was definitely better than last (But then again, it wouldn’t be H2Oi without some rain!). The show felt a bit more subdued than years past – and this was for the best.  Tons of great cars were on display of all makes and models.  There was a bit of flooding this year though, which had an impact on the setup.  Many of the cars were on display towards the back of the campgrounds, giving the show an interesting atmosphere. At times it felt like it was in a deep black forest rather than a grassy field.   This dampened scene meant attendance was a bit low, but the character of the attendees and the richness of the exhibition meant the weekend was a big hit overall.  We managed to snap a few pics we think are worth sharing, so we put together an album for your viewing pleasure!  Clean Audi is definitely going to H2Oi 2017 next year.  So until then, check out this album and stay tuned for more East Coast meet coverage this Fall.

-CA Staff



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