DUB Deliverance 2016


This year Dub Deliverance and Track Daze were held at a new location, quite literally. The new Dominion Raceway Circuit opened earlier this year and we were excited to see the brand new road course up close and in action. The track is not 100% complete yet, however the main buildings are finished. The track itself needs time for the grass sections to fill in, as well the final paving for the infield to be completed. The people who did race the track found it to be very technical and tight, which is not surprising given the small size of the track and its footprint. Like with all new things, there will need to be some fine tuning, however the raceway is a promising new option for the local area. The event itself was the same laid back and fun track day as usual. NGP was on hand to support customers and their racing teams. We took a long walk around the paddock and shot what we felt was an interesting assortment of cars. We also manged to get track side for a few action shots, however we will definitely want to return, as there were several vantage points left unexplored. Until next year, here are a few of our shots from the event, we hope you enjoy!

-CA Staff


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