AudiSportClubNYC BBQ


We had the pleasure of joining the legendary AudiSportClubNYC guys for a BBQ a few weeks ago. The ASCNYC President had organized a morning cruse that ended with a cookout, and we were lucky enough to be apart of the after party. The club is made up of a tight knit group of true enthusiasts, with some unbelievably clean cars. Chances are if you have been to a major show on the east coast, you have seen some of their members. Trust us, they know how to make an entrance. We took a few shots of various member’s cars, which you can see below. Stick around, as we plan on featuring more of these awesome rides in the months to come. We want to send a huge shout-out and thank you to the club for their hospitality and time, as well as a huge thanks to Biturbodeuce, the founder and president of ASCNYC. Cheers!


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