A2.GO Update 3


It’s been a while since we have posted an update on our Avant Resto Project, however we have some progress to report. As our project builds up steam, we will have more updates to follow. For now, we wanted to go over the engine bay prep we have been doing. While the S4 motor is undergoing its overhaul, we are also working on getting the bay cleaned up and ready for the new motor. We started by removing all the loose dirt, leaves and other crap that has accumulated of the years. Once we had knocked that out, we began sealing holes for electronics, and other delicate components that were still on the car. We took extra care to isolate and seal the ECU housing, as it was a direct link to the fuse panel and wire harness. Once we had made sure we had protected everything we needed to, we began spraying down the engine bay with a powerful degreaser. We used an awesome product called Superclean, its available at most auto parts stores and worked really well and the built up layers of oil and grime. (It’s important to note, this stuff will eat aluminum, and clear coat. So keep it off the paint and unprotected panels.) Working our way around the bay with a soft scrub brush and the cleaner, we were able to remove almost all of the dirt. With the bay clean and prepped, our next step will be to start applying the heat tape and protecting the surfaces from heat gain. Stay tuned for an update on the engine bay, as well as some of the prep work that has gone into refurbing the parts for the new motor. Until next time, happy wrenching.

-CA Staff


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