EUEX: Our take and coverage


Our weekend in Savannah seemed to last only for a split second, that is, it went way too fast. The European Experience presented by SOWO, or EUEX for short, was a blast. The show had some setbacks, but despite this, we had a great time. Did they need more food options for the show? Yes. Could they have used a more organized layout? Sure. Did this take away from the amount of fun we had at EUEX and in Savannah? Not at all.  The weather was perfect, the crowds were fun and well behaved and the city venue was a freaking awesome host. Between the beaches and side shows, the weekend was one of the best this year so far. Combine all this with a great group of friends, and it was just the mini vacation/car show we had in mind. Hopefully next year will be even better. Until then, here are some of our favorite photos from the various events all over Savannah. If you didn’t make it out this year, we highly recommend trying for next year. Now if we could just do something about the length of that damn drive back…

-CA Staff


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