A2.GO Update 2


For our second update we are keeping it short and sweet. We pulled the motor from the wagon and began taking it apart for recycling and parts we plan on keeping. Overall the process was a simple one, just a matter of removing various bolts. After getting into the engine a bit more, it looks like the transmission was the only failure. This was good news for us, as it allowed us to save a number of parts from the engine for use in our other project. While pulling we also had an opportunity to cross check the wiring and other components that may be different from the A4 to S4 body. Removing the motor from the body was almost as easy as removing the motor from the S4, however due to the size of the tiptronic, the process was a little tricky. However with a few hands and some nudging the drive train came out. A quick note about tiptronics, there is a mechanical linkage between the shifter and transmission that must be disconnected. It’s secured under the car with a ring clip. Be sure to disconnect the wire harnesses from the transmission as well, located forwards the lower front of the bell housing by the sub frame.  Other than these items, the auto engine removal is basically the same as its manual counterpart. Stay tuned for our updates, as next time we will be tackling the engine bay and how best to clean it. Cheers and happy wrenching.

-CA Staff


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