A6 Headlight Replacment


For a while now our A6 sedan has been plagued with foggy and leaky headlights. The OEM seals had worn down over time, and the lights were beginning to show their age. This in turn aged an otherwise very clean car significantly. So a few weeks ago we decided to replace them with new lenses and housings. The process was a relatively easy one, however the bumper had to be removed in order to free the headlight housings. (This seems to be an increasingly common trend in newer cars) The job of removing the bumper is not a hard one, if you know where all the bolts are. By far the two biggest challenges for replacing the headlights are removing the bumper and alignment of the headlights. We started by raising the car on jacks and removing the two front wheels for better access to the fender liners. Once we had removed the fender liners and the ridiculous amount of torx screws holding them in, we turned our attention to the removing the lower belly pan. It’s important to note that all the securing torx and flat head screws must be removed from the bottom and sides of the bumper before it will come free. There are also two bolts and a deep recessed nut on each side of the front bumper that hold the sides in place. Theses must be removed along with the top trim panel and torx screws (Two total for the bumper and two for the headlight tabs.) Finally the sides also clip in, so be sure to pull them out gently to avoid breaking the tabs. Then there are three “adjustment bolts that must be removed from each headlight housing along with a dowel. With that the headlight should be free, don’t forget to unplug any connections from the bumper and headlight housings before removing them all the way. (IE: fog lights, turn signal and main bulb power harnesses, etc.) Installing the new lights is almost the reverse of removal, however you may need to transfer over the xenon ballasts and bulb. Be careful not to touch the bulb with any oil or grease. The bulb assembly is delicate at best, so use care when clipping in the new hardware. (Now may be a good time to change your bulbs as well, seeing as you won’t have better access in the engine bay) Once you have transferred the xenon components to the new headlight, you can drop the headlights back in, but be sure to use the adjustment bolts to get the alignment of the lights correct. It may be a good idea to take a picture of the gaps before you start so you have something to reference. Once this is complete, you can reinstall the front bumper, we recommend having a buddy on hand for help to avoid scratching anything during the process. With all the internal bolts and nuts back in place, reattach the fender liners and mount the wheels. (Don’t forget to torque down your wheel bolts) Step back and take in the refreshed look the car now has, as it will look like a new car again.  Happy wrenching.

-CA Staff


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