A2.GO Update 1


For those of you just joining us now, a quick refresh is in order. A few weeks ago we announced that we were starting the Avant 2.go project. The new build came around after a failed motor and drivetrain left us with our restored B5 but no power. We had always planned on doing something about the lowly 2.8 in any case, so we viewed this as a sign and started our project. The project is relatively straight forward, we will be swapping in a 2.7tt and 6spd manual. This seems a bit like reinventing the wheel, however the avant if you recall was almost perfect, we had just repainted the whole car. So we thought it would be a shame to scrap it, but at the same time, we don’t want this to be a full blown build. We have other projects waiting in line. That being said, we have an update to share, the first steps of the process have begun. We started by stripping the S4 sedan we picked up a while back. We pulled the engine, trans and other various bits we may need. We also parted the car and sold most of it off. The idea is to get the S4 pulled down and then slowly start to replace, clean and repair everything we can on the engine while it’s out of the car. (So stay tuned for some goodies, like a TB job, turbos and other crap as well) We pulled the drive shaft and rear diff as well, we will need to modify the diff to accept the A4 rear axles. This should not be too bad, as we can swap the flanges from the old diff to the new. We also are looking into a brake upgrade to handle the new power, and due to fact that the HP2s from the S4 were destroyed. (The passenger side was cut in half) Other odd discoveries were made as well, such as the fenders being attached with drywall screws and the hack job of wiring behind the instrument cluster. Other than the occasional “mod job” the car was in great shape. The pull went smoothly, we were able to get most of it without even reading that much, although the pedals and the clutch line did throw us for a loop. Once we got those sorted out the progress was quick and easy. We will have a lot of service work to do, including a leaking oil pan gasket, as well as the regulars. So stick around as we are going to try and make a solid walk through of some of the lesser documented jobs. Till next time, happy wrenching!

-CA Staff



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