S4 Oil Sensor Fix


A few weeks ago we received a mint Pearl B5 S4 from a good friend in need of some minor maintenance. After looking the car over, we noted a few minor things like a dead battery and that pesky oil pan sensor warning. You know the one, it’s that yellow oilcan that beeps loudly when the car is first started. (Note: The warning says sensor, should you see any other oil warning light, especially a red one, turn off the car as soon as it is safe to do so and investigate.) We figured it would be a simple fix, so long as the wiring wasn’t damaged. We ordered a replacement sensor, which ran us about 60 dollars or so. Quick tip, the OEM sensor is much more costly, but produced by Hella. You can buy an exact copy from Hella at a fraction of the cost. Don’t believe it? Take a look at the Hella sensor, all that’s changed is the VAG logos have been removed. (Every once in a while we catch a break) The installation of the sensor is very very easy. (Like really really easy, seriously a child could do it) The first step is to drain all the oil, so it’s also a great time to change the oil and oil filter. We are gonna assume you how to do that. Once you have rid the car of its oil, remove the three bolts holding the sensor to the bottom oil pan, and unplug it. Install is the opposite of removal, just remember to put a bit of oil on the new seal. Also torque the three bolts down evenly, you don’t need much force so easy does it. After that replace the oil with your choice of full synth 5w-40 and you are good to go. Check for leaks and enjoy your now warning free dash. Our install took about 20 minutes including the oil change. It’s a simple part to fix, and relatively cheap as well. We attached a few photos for fun, happy wrenching!

-CA Staff


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