Introducing Avant 2.GO

Build Bak

A while back we picked up a battered A4 wagon, with a 2.8 motor and auto trans. Our goal was to restore and save the wagon, which was in need a lot of cosmetic attention inside and out. The result was the Avant Resto Project, which took a total beater and restored its exterior and interior to its former glory as one of the most iconic body styles Audi ever produced, the B5 Avant. Along the way we also took the time to sort the mechanical problems with the car, replacing various worn bits as we went. The wagon was almost complete, minus a few interior bits when we started to have problems with the transmission. We now faced a difficult dilemma with the car, should we scrap the project and cut our losses, or do we go for broke and take the wagons powertrain to the next level. Normally the answer would be an easy one, given the fact that it was an autotragic 2.8, however the rest of the car was near perfect and it was still an avant after all. So with the understanding that replacing the auto trans for another one was morally wrong, and that swapping out for a manual was going to involve a lot of work, we decided to go for it and make the whole process worth it. With a green light for the project, we began hunting for the right swap candidate for the wagon, a 2.7tt with six speed manual. It didn’t take long to find a suitable parts car, as a fully running S4 fell into our laps for a steal. With a clear sign from the powers that be, we jumped on the deal and got the car back to our stable as fast as we could. With that Avant 2.GO was born and over the next few months we plan to swap over the 2.7 into the wagon. The project is large one and we hope to finish in time for a certain water cooled event here on the east coast, but anything is possible. We hope you stay tuned for the ride, as we plan on documenting the swap from the beginning to the end. As always, happy wrenching and welcome to our build.


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