A Note from the Editors

As our regular readers may have noticed, as the season for us winds down, so do we. Its around this time that we begin to look towards next season and what our goals are for the site and of course, our projects. looking back on this past season, we can say we had fun but had also hoped for more. This season saw several large changes to the community, with SoWo moving out of Helen, GA and a hurricane putting a damper on H2Oi. We still struggled with the 10% that likes to give the community a bad name. And yet the season was still full of awesome shows and exciting projects that gave life to scene. Waterfest was a great success this year, with a good turn out and tons of fun moments. Smaller clubs like AudiSportClubNYC have been on fire this year, with a ton of truly awesome cars and photos to prove it. With this in mind we turn our attention to this upcoming year and what it may have in store for us. We are making some changes to the site and the way we publish. We will be going to a bi-monthly launch of articles, as well as taking a new look at an old project. Without giving all the details away, we will be making the wagon much faster, and probably much more exciting as well. We are also planning on bringing more robust articles to the site, as well as more in depth tech write ups and product reviews. All in all as we prepare for the new season we will be keeping our eye out for what gets us really excited, fast Audis with clean lines and some home grown engineering. We hope to see you there, for what may be our most exciting season yet. Thanks for reading!

-CA Staff

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