Akebono Euro Ceramic Review


As some of our readers may know, we make it a point to test out different ceramic brake pads in our quest to find the right set. So far, we have reviewed EBC’s red stuff and Hawk’s performance ceramics. While we loved the EBC pads, the Hawks left much to be desired. However this week we want to talk about a different pad. As part of our Avant Resto Project, we needed to change out the rotors and pads on the wagon. We opted to go with a set of blank rotors and Akebono ceramic pads on the recommendation of a friend. We didn’t really know much about the Akebonos but had heard a few good things. So we ordered a set for all four corners and slapped them on the car. One of the first things we noticed about the Akebono’s was the price, it was competitive with the other sets of pads we had previously run. We thought this was great, as it gave us even more options to choose from at the price point of about a hundred dollars. After getting everything squared away, we took the car out for a test drive. The brakes felt good, solid and consistent throughout stopping. However the initial bite was still not as good as the EBC red stuff pads. That being said it was still better than the Hawk pads we currently have on our sedan. The pads get up to temp without much help and are perfect for daily driving. (Although we wouldn’t recommend them for the track, as they are still on the softer side.) We have put about 7000 miles on the Akebonos and are quite pleased with their performance. We feel that we could get more out of the pads with a better set of rotors and calipers as well. Another huge plus for these pads has to be the low dust. They are by far the lowest dust ceramic we have ever run, so much so that we actually put them on our A6 sedan as well. Seriously, the lack of dust is almost concerning. The wagon can go a week without a bath and the wheels are almost spotless. Combine that with the low noise design and these pads are winners. We greased the pads during install and since then, we have had no squeaks or squeals. Although we wish the initial grab was harder, these pads are quite good for the money and we are very satisfied. They heat quickly and are consistent, produce almost no dust and are as quite as can be. For daily driving duties, they are perfect. Hope this helps, and happy wrenching!

– CA Staff


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