AOA’s Product Preview

AoA Event-17

Recently, we had the good fortune of being invited to an exclusive meet and greet with several Audi of North America product managers at their headquarters in Virgina. The event, generously hosted by AOA and the ACNA Potomac chapter, was a chance to get an up close and personal tour of the new Q7, E-tron A3 and TT models. Also on display, the new S3 in several special order factory trims. The event consisted of an in depth tour of each new model by the respective AOA product manager. Not only was this a rare treat, but also a fantastic opportunity to really understand the design behind each car. Members of the club were encouraged to ask the hard questions and really get to know each of the new cars. Then over a delicious lunch, we all had a lively discussion about the brand and what makes Audi so special to us. We were able to sneak off a few shots of both the awesome new products, and the parking lot full of enthusiast rides. Cleanaudi wants to send out a huge thank you to the ACNA Potomac chapter as well as AOA for organizing the event and supporting the enthusiast base!

– CA Staff


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