Solo-Werks Coilover Review P3


For part three of our Solo-Werks review we revisit them after a long winter with a heavy amount of snow and salt. The coilovers have almost 7000 miles on them and have held up well. The ride quality is the same as before, and the physical inspection showed no major signs of wear. The ride is still stiff, and there is no creaking or noise from the coilovers. There is some travel in the suspension, however it is important to note that the control arms on our car are due for a replacement. The Solo-Werks have held up very well, and considering the cost, they represent a fantastic entry level option. That being said, they do have some limitations. The coilovers are very stiff to begin with, so they may not offer the comfort levels of a factory ride. They are also fixed dampening, so these coilovers may not be suitable for heavy track use. (We would feel comfortable using these for a few track days per year) The last and final aspect is the longevity of these coilovers, and while we have a few miles on them, only time will tell in regards to how long they will last. We have high hopes however, as our doubts about the initial quality have been proven unnecessary. It is important to note that the coilovers were coated with the recommended T-9 grease before the winter was underway. This has proven to be a very necessary step in preserving the coilovers against corrosion. Overall we would recommend this setup for a budget conscious enthusiast looking for a street able setup.

– CA Staff


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