034 Motormount Review


For our readers that may not know, motor mounts are exactly what they sound like. They help mount the motor to the sub frame of the car, and factory mounts are designed to reduce the vibrations of the motor and make for a more comfortable ride. As with most things, this relationship between comfort and performance is a tradeoff. The noise, vibrations and harshness (Known as NVH) of the motor may be reduced, however the drive train is also going to be less responsive as a result. Drivers looking for a more in depth and detailed response from the car, may opt to install solid or stiffer motor mounts. This will increase NVH in the cabin, but also make for a more connected driving experience. We chose to do this, our current motor mounts had failed, and we needed to replace them anyway. Since we were already in there, we wanted to upgrade the mount as well. The market offers a few options for our car, ranging from factory RS4 mounts to Stern and BFI’s products. 034 Motorsports also makes an upgraded OEM series, as well as solid mounts. (Some people have also manufactured their own mounts, which we may do as well.) Although we may be upgrading to solid mounts later, we wanted to go with a drop in replacement for now. The Track Density line from 034 fit that requirement. The reviews from other people suggested that the mounts would be much stiffer then stock, and increase the cabin NVH significantly. 034 says that the track series are about 120% stiffer then stock, as they are void free, and made with a 80 durometer rubber. However we were not as concerned, because the sedan is not a daily driver. We did want the locked down drive train that these mount would help with. The install was easy, as we had access to a lift, although motor mounts can be installed without one. The process is simple, and consists of undoing the top nut and bottom nut on the motor mount. Then we had to drop the sway bar, and remove the two nuts on each support. We just let that hang in place, while will rigged up a transmission jack to support the weight of the engine. After supporting the weight, we were able to remove the three bolts per side, holding the mount sub frame to the car. Do this carefully, as the mounts will no longer be holding the engine. (Hence the need for the trans or engine jack) The install was the reverse of removal. The hardest part of the job was getting to the top nut, we found a ¼ drive ratchet worked well. Other notes; be careful when installing the new mounts. We found the studs to be a little weaker than we expected. So double check the settings on your torque wrench and make sure everything is treaded correctly. As for the ride quality, the improvement is very noticeable. (Our old mounts were crumbling) The NVH in the cabin is not nearly as bad as we had anticipated, but there is a noticeable increase. However it is also worth mentioning that the car is stripped. So we are not 100% positive on how this new vibration may effect a complete car. We have put less than hundred miles on the new mounts, and while the drivetrain is locked down much more than before, it is too soon to tell how long these mounts will last. Overall, we like the product a lot, and the ride is much stiffer compared to the old broken mounts. The NVH did increase, but not in a dramatic manner. We suspect that the street series may be even less harsh. The only complaint we had, was that the stud screws seemed to be a bit soft compared to stock. Not a huge problem, but be careful when installing the new 034 mounts. We will update our review once we put more miles on these mounts. Happy wrenching.

-CA Staff


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