Sedan Update (13)

Our sedan has taken a back seat to the wagon a bit, mainly because of the wagon’s list of things to do. Admittedly the sedan needed some attention, as the rear diff was low in fluid and the mounts were due for a replacing. While we in there, we also tackled a rusted out exhaust clamp. It was also around this time, we replaced the rear calipers with a set of S4 hardware, as these too needed some fixing. The rear calipers developed a slow leak, and rather than continue to drive the sedan with this dangerous problem, we opted to install an upgrade we had planned on doing later. The rear calipers were pretty much trash, and needed to be replaced. So we swapped them out for a set of larger, vented rotors and better calipers, which will work with our future plans for the sedan. This was a very easy process, and truthfully, bleeding the brakes was the hardest part. Next the mounts for the car were tackled. The old ones, including the motor mounts, had failed quite spectacularly. We opted to install a new set of 034 motor mounts, with a harder rubber compound. The track line, the stiffer of the two, is what we used. (Look for a review of these later on) The install was straight forward, and the lift made it much easier. The process is possible without one, but we would highly recommend using one if possible. The worst part was reaching the top nut on the mounts. We found that a ¼ drive ratchet was the right tool for the job. Other than that, it was simply a matter of unbolting the mount frames, and the sway bar in order to get to the mounts. A total of 14 bolts in all. After the motor mounts, the trans mounts were next, these were even easier with the lift. We took the old ones out, pulling 2 mount bolts and one pass through bolt for each side. After securing and supporting the trans, we slid the mounts out and slapped the new ones in. Finally we tackled the rear diff, replacing the fluid lost and inspecting it for any major leaks. (We didn’t want to replace it, as we plan to do an overhaul later this year) We refilled the system and sealed everything up for now. While under there, we also noticed an old exhaust clamp had really fallen apart. So we swapped in a new clamp to help keep the system leak free. So that sums it for the sedan, we have knocked out most of the maintenance for the year. We do still have a knock coming from the drive train, so we suspect a bad joint. Look for a run down on that in the coming months. We have big plans for our sedan, but we are working out the details, so nothing on that for now. Happy wrenching, and see you all next season.

-CA Staff


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