UPDATE7_Avant Resto

Avant Resto UD7 (20)

In this small update, the Avant finally got its fog lights. The lights are aftermarket units designed for work trucks. Each fog light is a nine LED unit with 750 lumen of amber light. The install was a simple one, we used brackets from our local hardware store to secure the lights in the lower part of the car’s bumper. Ideally the fog lights would be spaced farther apart, however the size of the lights prevented this, so the space behind the center grille was used. The brackets are two T shaped coated steel bars, which are secured to the bumper with M8x20mm bolts. The hardest part of this job was drilling the holes for each mount point. The reinforced crash bar of the front bumper is about an 8th to ¼ inches thick. Drilling through the bumper rebar was slow, but with a good metal bit, not impossible. The bolts were then reverse sunk to allow for easier access in the future. As for wiring, the LEDs actually draw less amperage and voltage then the standard fog lights, so that did not pose a problem. Although we recommend that any aftermarket light be checked, as specs can vary. The wiring was straight forward, because we reused the existing fog light harness. The fog lights had the same simple two wire setup, without a need for a ground. We cut the plugs and spliced our own in place for an easy disconnect. Overall the process was not a difficult one, however the job still took a few hours. We would recommend that a project like this be thoroughly planned, as designing the layout took the most time. The fog lights work well, however the angle of the lights is not perfect. This is because of the tight space behind the bumper rebar. Keep your eyes peeled for another update for the wagon. Happy wrenching.

-CA Staff


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