The New Q7

New Q7 (3)

The new Q7 from Audi is a radical departure from the old in terms of styling. The new Q7 has a much more angular body, with sharp lines defining its panels. The car has a completely redesigned front and rear end, with the headlights taking on a more rectilinear form. To be honest, when we first saw the Q7, we thought we have taken an unfortunate step into the 1980s. The boxy form caused us to recoil with disgust. However after staring at the pictures for a while, the design started to grow on us. The more defined edges recalled Audi’s heritage of infamous cars like the original Quattro and the beloved 4kq. It is also worth noting that the older Q7 wasn’t exactly an artwork in of itself. The Q7 and Q5 represent Audis first serious attempt at an SUV besides the Allroad. (Which really was just a beefed up A6) So it is understandable that their first body shape wasn’t perfect. And although a series of facelifts helped first gen Q7 over the years, a full redesign is a welcome change. The new Q7 is a response to the old one, if the first generation Q7 was a large round heavy SUV, this is Audi’s effort to slim and tone its SUV line down. The SUV appears more muscular in stance, and more stable. It seems that Audi has struck a better balance between the needs of an SUV and the styling they are known for. The result is a better refined SUV that helps solidify Audi’s spot in the market. That being said there are some angles that we wish had been treated differently. While the front is a vast improvement, the lower grilles are too large. They recall the lines of an aftermarket body kit. The grille itself is simple and true to form, but the way it meets the lights is less refined. The rear of the new Q7 also is well refined, however the rear bumper starts to get too busy, and the lines start to become to close. Another slight flaw are the fenders, as they seem a tad too large for the car. That being said, the new Q7 is still a nicer iteration of the older model. Audi has also taken the time to update the interior as well, as though the changes are less dramatic. The new dash is packed with Audi’s latest technological features, as well as an impressive suite of safety measures. There are fewer buttons for increased simplicity, more space for passengers and easier to use features like the improved MMi. Luxury has not been lost, as the new Q7 comes with an improved air con system, and top of the line sound systems. The power plant of the new Q7 is an improved 3.0 and TDI that offer better fuel millage and more punch. On top of this, the new lighter Q7 offers the most customization for driving styles and comfort. Although we feel there is always room for improvement, the new Q7 is surly a step in the right direction.


-CA Staff

Photos courtesy of AudiVw group. All rights reserved.


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