Manufacturer Spot – Unitronic Tuning


In the beginning, Unitronic entered the industry by providing services to garages and local dealerships that allowed them to overcome many common electrical problems. However, it was always felt that the company could evolve into something more. In 2004, Unitronic officially entered the aftermarket performance sector of the automotive industry with a clear objective; to be the ultimate authority in high performance chip tuning software that was known worldwide. Today, Unitronic has grown to offer staged Performance Software and Hardware solutions for Volkswagen®, Audi®, Porsche®, Seat®, Skoda®, and Bentley® vehicles that allow drivers to improve their engine’s performance while reducing fuel consumption, providing unmatched reliability, daily driving comfort and pleasure. All being done while maintaining strict quality control standards that are in direct accordance with the specifications established by the manufacturers. Unitronic strives to push the boundaries and provide clients with products that are at the cutting edge of technological advancements without compromise. – Unitronic


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