Solo-Werks Coilover Review P2

Solowerks REV1 (38)

Want to know how they held up after 15,000 miles? Click HERE

At last we are ready for part two of our Solo-Werks review. (Click HERE for part one) We have put about 2500 miles on the Avant since we installed the coilovers. Our final thread count, from the bottom, ended up being 4 inches up front and 2 inches in the rear. The welds we were initially worried about seem to be holding up well. We also made sure to coat the coilovers generously with antirust, so they were fine there as well. (However winter will be the true test) We have some different opinions of the coilovers now, first being that they are much stiffer then we originally thought. They are not like the STs, in that the bumps are more pronounced and the ride is tighter. The car feels better, but it’s obviously not stock. We think the shocks had not completely settled when we took it out originally. The ride is not horrible, but still is not as good as the Vogtlands. On the highway, the car sits down and rides very well. Bumps in the city can get tedious, but that’s the trade off with stiffer suspension. Overall we are happy, and considering the cost, we love these coilovers. That being said, if ride comfort is paramount to you, then these may not be the best option. STs would be softer, and thus nicer on the ass. Some other observations; the Solo-Werks seem to settle a lot, and we found ourselves sitting lower than planned. We may adjust them to get the car up a bit, or not. (Probably not) The great thing being, that no matter what we choose to do, we have the option. Overall, we still are happy with these coilovers, although they were stiffer then we had thought. The car rides well, but bumps are more noticeable compared to STs. If you want comfort, these coilovers may not be for you. If you want to go so low your ass drags and you want a stiff sporty ride, then the Solo-Werks rock. Factor in the price, and you have a hell of a deal. We will check back in after the winter months for a salt and rust update. Happy wrenching.

PS, We want to thank Glen and Euro Collective for their quick support and shipping! We would recommend them as a vendor any day. (DO IT)

-CA Staff


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