Solo-Werks Coilover Review P1

Solowerks REV1 (16)

Want to see how they held up after 15,000 miles? Click HERE

As most of you will know, we decided to lower the Avant Resto Project with Solo-Werks coilovers. We placed an order for the coilovers with Glen over at Euro Collective and waited. Solo-Werks has been manufacturing coilovers for quite some time now, but only until recently did they offer an application for the B5 platform. We figured that these well priced coilovers should be a clear choice then, since we were on a tight budget and the STs we had originally spec’d were backordered till the sun died. We were not sure what to expect from Solo-Werks, but kept an open mind about these “new” coilovers. We absolutely didn’t expect them to be equals to PSS9s or Ohlins, but we did expect them to compete well with the more entry level setups like STs. Now it’s important to note that this review is of the initial quality and ride of the Solos, as we have not logged enough miles on them yet. (Although, what we found online gives us high hope for these bad boys) Right out of the box, we saw things we liked and didn’t like. We liked the finish of the whole setup, and we liked simple branding. However we also noticed a few things that bothered us. For example the welds, although very strong, were sloppier in some places vs. others. One of the prongs that held a sensor was bent from shipping, although that’s not a huge deal. We found the bump stops to be a bit soft, but again they seem to work just fine. Really our biggest complaint was the welds, they didn’t seem clean, but they work just fine. So really it’s more of an aesthetics thing, than anything else. Overall the shocks and springs seemed to be well built. So after installing them on the wagon without much of a fight, we dropped it down off the jacks. And boy do these things go low. (Holy shit they go low, why would you need that much low?) The fronts sat on the tires almost with 3inches of thread remaining from the bottom, so we raised it to four. The rears were also similar in the amount of thread offered. However, unlike the STs, these guys also gave enough thread for height above. STs seem to sit very low in the rear, and the Solo-Werks are the exact opposite. They can sit higher then stock, but also still go down to a super low setting as well. (What a great idea, adjustability in adjustable coilovers. Huh.) We started with 2.5 inches of thread remaining in the rear, but quickly realized we would need to go lower. So that’s a huge plus for these Solo-Werks. We took the car out for about a 15 mile drive to work everything into place and we were happy. The setup feels like factory, but with a tad more stiffness and a lot less body roll. Bumps were more noticeable, but not in an unpleasing way. Overall the ride was not as good as Vogtlands, but comparable to the STs. We are more than satisfied with the coilovers so far, but the biggest factor is still to come. We will be testing that with a few upcoming road trips, so stay tuned.

-CA Staff


5 responses to “Solo-Werks Coilover Review P1

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  2. I’m surprised by your response about the rear coils being able to go higher than stock. I had the exact opposite experience with my b6 avant. They are so low in the rear and completely maxed out in height, but still not satisafactory. I am told by my local mechanic that getting my rear control arms and bushings refreshed would add height, but I have a hard time believing that it will add enough height to alleviate the problem. Thanks for the review! I have really enjoyed your site so far.

    • Chris,

      Thanks for your comment! We were surprised as well, typically we experience the same problem you had. Its also worth noting that the suspension design of the B5 vs the B6 in the rear is different, your B6 has a separated spring design. Its the modern set up for most audi’s and we have found the same problem in other brands across different platforms. With Vogtlands, Sts, and others the rear spindle design the spring sits on just doesn’t have enough thread to get the height in the rear that some people need. I’m not sure why the design is so commonly set up this way. It seems to us that adding another inch of threads to the spring perch would not be a huge problem. (although bottoming out the spring perch might be a possibility) We have found that you can extend the perch about halfway passed the threads of the spindle without any adverse effects. That is how we have solved it on our A6s. You can also contact solowerks about a possible spacer option, KW offers them for its coilovers with a similar design. Hope that helps and thanks for reading, happy wrenching!

      Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any further questions.

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