UPDATE6_Avant Resto

UPD6 AR (2)

As we move towards our deadline for the wagon, the progress is picking up as well. The project is only a few weeks from completion, and although there is still a lot of work left, we have tackled some of the biggest jobs yet. The Avant is officially out for paint. It was a quick turnaround, with just a few days to sand and block the car. However we managed to get it done and install our coilovers as well. (Expect an initial review soon) It will be about another week or so for the painters to finish their jobs, but we are confident that the results will be well worth the wait. We included a few photos of the progress below. Still on our to-do list are the wheels and reassembly of the car for the show. We will also have some other goodies in the mix as well. Happy wrenching.

-CA Staff


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