UPDATE5_Avant Resto

UPDATE 5 (27)

In our latest update, the Avant is officially dent free (Finally). We have begun the process of sanding down the whole car and we also collected a few more goodies for the restoration. Our S4 bumper came in, complete with grilles. We also have a set of fog lights that will be installed with the new bumper, however we will save the details about that for later. Other improvements include two Hella air horns, making the car much louder. The twin set up is mounted on both sides for an impressive blast of sound. The interior is almost complete, as you can see all the trim pieces in some of the photos. Our next update will have to do with paint, and a lot of it. We are going to leave the final color up for guesses, as we want the car to be a surprise. On another note, look for a coilover install and review article coming up. We got our hands on a set of Solo-Werks, and we have some opinions about them. We also are excited to announce that we have ditched the awful tail lights and our OEM replacements are in. That is by far the biggest improvement. Until next time, happy wrenching!

– CA Staff


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