Manufacturer Spot – Solo-werks

Solowerks Bak

For over 10 years the owners and staff of SOLO WERKS have worked in the background of some of the most prolific suspension and performance companies in North America and Europe, discreetly building quality product lines for others without the need or want for the spotlight. Until the spring of 2011 – then it all changed: For the better. After witnessing what corporate America has done to many of the powerhouse players in the automotive aftermarket, the owners of SOLO WERKS had to act. The conglomerates and Investment Houses that now own these companies had turned the simple, passionate love for modifying an automobile into cold hard numbers games, killing the heart of the majority of todays trusted names in the industry. SOLO WERKS the company is about one thing: Passion for the Automobile. Our staff is dedicated to keeping the true spirit of the advancement of the automobile alive by producing top line products for enthusiasts around the globe. The SOLO WERKS product line will continue to grow from our initial offerings of Street focused S1 Coilover Suspension products to include other vehicle enhancements that our customers demand. – SOLO WERKS


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